Office Sex – I Got To Fuck & Suck My Boyfriend At Work!

Office sex is just one of those classic things that never gets old or dull. I love to surprise him while he’s working and give him a little something to help him relax so he can concentrate and focus on his job. I try to bring the best girlfriend experience to him.

So, one day I went over there to see him. I wore a very tight, short skirt with a tank top that was just as tight. It showed off my sexy, toned belly and a generous amount of cleavage. I got so many looks walking through the office it was nice. They could see I wasn’t wearing a bra.

He had an office to himself. Not a cubicle. When I got there I closed the door behind me and turned down the blinds to give us some privacy. I sat on his desk, facing him. He smiled as he checked me out. After giving him a little eye candy I walked behind him and started rubbing his shoulders, pressing my tits against the back of his neck.

Smiling I leaned my elbows on top of his desk, lowered my face to the surface, and stuck my lifted ass in the air for him. Taking the hint he stood behind me and lifted up my skirt so he could get a good look at my pink pussy. You guessed it; I wasn’t wearing any panties.

I knew it was getting him oh so hard looking at me bent over his workspace. He knew he was supposed to be doing computer work, but I’m so irresistible.

I heard the sound of him undoing his pants. The sound of that zipper sliding down really does things to me.

Pressing his throbbing cock into my pussy I let out a loud moan. Loud enough for the entire office to hear! His cock felt so good inside me. I couldn’t help it.

He pounded me hard until I exploded all over his dick. He felt my muscles quiver around him and it was almost enough to make him cum. But, I knew what he wanted. So, I got to my knees and sucked all my pussy juices off of him. Let me tell you; his cock tasted better than a chocolate dipped strawberry.

Really licking his cock clean so he could continue his work day with no mess felt so good. I could do it all day. Then, his balls tightened, his cock quivered, and he let his entire load shoot down my throat. His cum mixed with my cunt juice was the most delicious thing to ever cross my lips.

So, that’s what I love about office sex. Do you like it just as much as I do? Then let’s play!

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