Pay Pig ~It Pleasures You to Pay for MY Pleasure ~Here Piggy….

Pay Pig ~It Pleasures You to Pay for MY Pleasure! If you think you are paying me to pleasure you then you are mistaken. If you receive pleasure during our time together then that is a happy bonus.

My pleasure is making you pay pig. Do not whine about the lack of funds that you may not have. It is not my problem to put money in your bank only to drain it. Doing that is something I can do very well. I will take the last dollar you have while teasing my body with your cock.

It is very pleasurable for me to feel my pay pig’s cock teasing my nipples. While wrapping my huge DD tits around your fair-sized dick I will be soaking my panties in anticipation. This hot cunt will soon be wrapped around your hard cock.

I want to cum and more money!

Here piggy, here piggy, oh there you are pay pig. I know you cum already you eager beaver but I have given you a break and now it is time to make me cum! For your discretion, you will pay twice pig. You heard me right. I want to cum and I want more money, pay pig!

OH, do not turn your back and walk away. Just because you are satisfied now does not mean you will stay that way. To repeat after you, that is the sweetest pussy and tits I have ever paid for. So pay pig do you really want to walk out that door? Yes, that is what I thought as I watch you walk back to me.

I took all your money and I forced you between my legs. Refusing to touch you the rest of the night I allowed you only to eat my pussy. Yes, your average dick was hard and dripping. Positive I knew you were crazy wanting to fuck me. Tonight, I would only get my pleasure. Yours I cared nothing for. I saw you trying to stroke it and refused you.

Denying you turns me on!

That is right piggy all you can do is hump the air. It is all your fault for cumming as soon as I wrapped my soft tits around it earlier. Therefore, you do not get to cum anymore tonight. Your eagerness pay pig disgusts me. I pull your face deeper into my wet dripping cunt. Denying you turns me on even more than taking your money.

You try to bribe me after I cum. Here, Mistress, I have another card, please allow me to fuck you, piggy begs. I smile at your patheticness. So you think you can withhold your money from me. I take the money on that card as well. Touching yourself again pay pig? No, I do not think so.

Thank you for the extra money, I will buy something sexy for you to drool over. Laying back I spread my long legs and pull my pussy lips wide so you have full access to see my hot wet pussy. At that moment, is when I break your heart. Oh, piggy there is not enough money in the world that will allow you access to put your dick in here tonight.

Thank you, Mistress!

Moving to leave, I stop and give him back his card that has $20 left on it. Here sugar, once I have gone you can call a phone sex operator. Perhaps if you are a real lucky boy she might allow you to cum. I pat your cheek standing in front of you eye-level to my cunt. Standing so close you could lick it. I am feeling only a small amount of kindness tonight. Thank you, Mistress, you groan.

Pay pig is very lucky on a night when I allow him even a dollar left. So by giving you enough to phone up your favorite girls at phone sex kingdom, it makes you love me more! Forcing your eyes away from my perfect slit you kneel and kiss my feet.

That should have pleased me but instead, it only made me detest you more!

I walked away happy that I had piggy’s money!