Mutual Masturbation-Touch yourself while I pleasure my pussy!

Sometimes I don’t want anyone else to touch me. It’s ok that I just like to touch myself. I do it regularly. I do it when I am fucking others. Why would I ever stop?

Most morning’s I wake up and stretch feeling my body come to life after a long restful night of sleep! My partner has left and my body is still tingling at the sexual activities of the night before.

I reach over and pull out my Ella vibrating Rod, it really is favorite so I keep it close at all times! I then flip the heat switch because who does not love the warmth feeling up their pussy? I then start rubbing my clit touching it gently. Stroking it and bringing it to life. I slide my fingers up and down between my pussy lips. Feeling myself growing wet I know it is almost time.

My pussy is ready only after it is dripping!

I start stroking my pussy with the rod and click on the vibrator. Mmm, that feels amazing. I want it. I raise my legs and stretch my pussy open. Moaning I slide it inside my throbbing pussy.

Allowing my body to adjust to the intrusion and letting the need grow inside me I lay there for a few minutes feeling it fill me.

I click the thrusting button and it starts pounding inside me. Thrust after thrust pleasuring me. I look up and see you standing in the doorway. Your cock is in your hand and you are watching me as I fuck myself.

With your balls bouncing as you stroke, your cock grows harder and your mouth opens slightly, your breathing is rapid. Still, I watch you and feel the thrusting of my Ella rod. I know you would gladly replace it but I want IT not your cock right now! However, I do love watching you stroking yourself so aggressively. Or mutual masturbation when you call me for some hot phone sex!

Toys and imagination are the best sexual stimulants!

I feel my orgasm building just as I know you are about to explode too. Hitting the vibe to high I scream out as I cum squirting all over that beautiful purple rod just as I see you spray the floor at your feet!

I lay there a few moments after clicking it off. My breathing is fast and my heart is racing. I am not a cheating wife just because there are times that I prefer my toys!