Adult Sex Stories, The Interrupted Sex Life Of A Mom!

He walked into the room. I was lying on my side. His hand slid up my thigh over my hip and around my waist. My breathing quickened but I lay very still not responding. I knew he wanted me to, but I had to make him wait. He leaned in and kissed my neck moving my hair to the side.

His lips found my earlobe and he sucked it deep into his mouth. I moved my head giving him more access and with that movement, I pushed my ass further against him. Rocking my hips into him making him groan, I finally acknowledged him.

He pulled me over exposing my breast with one flip of his hand. His mouth instantly covered a nipple sucking it deep and hard. I arched my back pulling his head hard down on my titty. He was driving me insane with his mouth. I thrust my pussy into his groin feeling his hard cock pushing back.

He wanted to fuck me but I denied him!

We held each other tight rocking together in this ancient dance of passion. I pulled myself on top of him and straddling his dick I massage my pussy against him but never allowing him entrance. He continued to prod for my opening, but I denied him. Kissing him long and deep and rocking my body against him. I took complete control.

Reaching between our bodies I found his cock hard and stroked it with my hand rubbing my pussy with the head! I wanted him buried deep inside me! I pushed myself up and sat on him looking down into his eyes with his hands on my hips as I slipped my fingers between my pussy lips and rubbed my clit while straddling him. I finger fucked myself while riding his cock but never letting him enter me.

He was begging for it, trying to take it but I locked my legs and would not let him lift me. I made myself cum with him helpless to do anything but watch and let me ride his cock with my clit.

I soaked him then brought his cock to my pussy!

After I had soaked him thoroughly I looked down and pulled his hard cock up. I lifted my body to position his head at my opening. Just as the tip was slipping inside me there was a knock at the door. “Mom, I need something to drink” the kid screamed.

I looked down and mouthed I was sorry as I lifted my body jumped from the bed reaching for my robe!

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