Pathetic white cuckold is exactly what you are.

It’s truly remarkable that we ended up dating in the first place with you being a pathetic white cuckold and all. You were such a geek! You were always in the college library just stumbling through the stacks of books. I knew your daily schedule while I was a student assistant.

But I gave you a chance, and honestly, people should date more geeks. Your whole life was all about me. It showed how dedicated you were. You would always pick up my books, and practically beg me to do my homework – even my sciences and math.

We dated casually for a bit. The whole time you kept doing my homework which just made me lose my respect for you bit by bit. But we had fun together. You planned the cutest dates, and the effort you put in was sometimes cute. It was nice to have someone always at my beck and call.

I decided one day that I was going to surprise you.

I thought it would be cute to show up at your apartment in my cheerleading outfit ready to fuck your brains out. The living room where you normally studied was completely empty. The kitchen was clear as well. This was unusual for a geek like you who liked to spend most of his time studying. Then I started hearing moaning. The thought of you cheating ran through my head, but it didn’t make any sense. How could you cheat me on when you were so nerdy and devoted?

When I opened the door to your bedroom, all my questions were answered. Up playing on your big screen TV was cuckold porn. Front and center was a hot blonde who looked very similar to me who was getting railed by a thick big black cock. I noticed what looked like your husband was sitting in the corner on a chair with his hands underneath his lap. He had a raging hard-on.

Your face looked shocked while I took in all the details of what was happening.

“Well, I came here to fuck you, but I think I should go bring someone back to fuck me in front of you since that is what you are apparently interested in!” I say to you not giving you much time to reply.

The only words you could mutter are “Please babe! I don’t really enjoy it. Just thought of it!” but that was all I picked up as I bounced down the stairs. If you wanted to be a pathetic white cuckold, I was going to make sure that your sexual fantasy came true. After all, it made sense why you were so submissive and willing to do things for me all the time.

Your cock was fine, but I knew I could find an even bigger black guy to rail me right in front of you. Maybe I would put you in permanent male chastity. Especially while I was wearing my cheerleading outfit. The guys at the bar I was making my way to didn’t stand a chance.

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