My Pathetic Sissy Bitch Neighbor tried to Seduce Me

My neighbor saw me bringing in a bunch of groceries from the car this afternoon. He came over very eager to help me out but this was something he had never done before. So, naturally I was suspicious. He lives with his beautiful wife and two young kids and would usually only wave hello, so I knew something was up. As he helped me carry in my bags, I asked where his wife was. He quickly told me that she was out of town visiting family with the kids. He looked at me hoping I would catch his drift, which I did, of course. I smirked, I could tell he was the submissive type and I thought of all the ways I could have my fun with him. This pathetic sissy bitch was about to be feminized and fucked by my 10-inch strap-on!

So, I invited him to stay and have a glass of wine with me. He happily agreed and I could already spot a hard-on rising in his pants. This pathetic sissy bitch thinks he’s going to seduce me with his fake charm. He has no idea what a depraved bad bitch he’s dealing with! After finishing our wine and having pointless chit-chat, I decided to test his submissiveness. I needed to make sure he would do as he was told if I was going to have my way with him. I set my glass down hard on the counter and he jumped, “Get on your knees and lick my cunt”, I demanded. He was shocked but immediately turned on and excited. “Yes, Ramona”, he obliged and dropped to his knees in front of me. 

He’s a Submissive Bitch

He quickly lifted my skirt to my waist like he was afraid I was going to change my mind. I had no panties on of course, so he immediately went to work, sloppily licking my perfectly bare pussy, trying his hardest to please me. I tried not to laugh. His poor wife must be so unsatisfied, he deserved what was coming to him. “Stop, get up”, I commanded. He stood, breathless and wipped his glistening mouth with the back of his hand. I could tell he was waiting for his next task. I had him right where I wanted him. “Follow me”, I told him, guiding him to the bathroom. He was right behind me like a pathetic sissy bitch, willing to do anything I ask. 

“First, we are going to shave you… everywhere.” Now he was hesitant. “But what will I tell my wife?” he asked, as if I cared. “You’ll think of something”, I said and began the shaving process. Once cleanly shaved, I led him to the bedroom closet and picked out sexy red lacy lingerie for him to wear. He put it on without question. By this point he was already committed to anything I asked. Then I put make-up and a blonde wig on him. I made him stand and look at himself in the mirror. “Now that you’re my pretty little sissy bitch you’re going to take it like a pretty little sissy bitch”, I told him, I could hardly contain my own excitement.

This Pathetic Sissy Bitch had No Idea what was Coming! 

I got completely nude and he thought this was it, he was finally going to fuck me. His cock was bulging from his red lacy lingerie. Then I went to the closet and when I came out I was wearing my 10-inch strap-on, ready to fuck. He looked shocked and scared but he still had a throbbing hard cock, so I knew he would obey.

“Get on all fours”, I demanded, “and tell me you want my big cock.” He got on his hands and knees on the bed in front of me and lifted his lingerie so I had a nice view of his bare asshole. “I want your big cock, I want your big cock!”, he yelled. His excitement to take on my 10-inch strap-on suprised me. I lubed up and entered his tight asshole, aggressively going in and out. He yelled out in pleasure throughout, begging me for more. I could tell this was his first time but he was enjoying it immensely. I guess he liked being my pathetic sissy bitch after all.  

Do you want me to dress you up and fuck you with my 10-inch strap-on?

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