Why would pathetic findom paypigs deserve anything at all?

Over 99% of the population has no idea what the hell I’m talking about, but that shouldn’t make you feel special. No, pathetic findom paypigs like you shouldn’t exist. But I am so glad you do. Who else would I exploit until I can buy myself every material thing I desire? You know that’s all you are to me, right? A number in my bank account getting fatter and fatter while yours dwindles, almost like I’m absorbing you and everything you own.

Isn’t that an intoxicating thought, my lowly cash cow? Can’t you just imagine your decline in wealth raising me higher and higher until I can finally sit on the pedestal I so rightly deserve? My findom fetish is such a rush, right?!

When consorting with a Goddess lust, power, and greed often go hand in hand. When you give me your money, I want to know what percent of your paycheck it is. My pussy gets wet no matter how small the amount when you’re giving a high percent of your paycheck to me! Knowing that you sacrifice so I may flourish in your place gets me drunk with power.

But don’t get it twisted, I want to be bloated with cash!

The dick tax is real. The smaller your cock, the more you’d better be paying me to notice the pathetic findom slut attached to it! You pay me not just because I’m beautiful, but because of what I am. Any Goddess would be offended to set eyes upon something so grotesque and nasty. I am no exception. Your unworthy cock is something you must pay for, for life!

So pay the fuck up for that twisted little shrimp dick.

God only knows what made you into such a sniveling pervert, fighting for the chance to give me your money in exchange for just the slightest mention on my Twitter or blog (I’m talking to you both Tom and Mike!), but I approve! My lean temple of a body deserves the softest, most delicate fabrics wrapping it, and the sweetest most aromatic perfumes to adorn it. Give me these things and I will acknowledge your pathetic existence.

With Christmas coming up, my pathetic little weasels will be pushed to their breaking points! I intend to be pampered this holiday season, and my boys are going to make it happen. I’ve got my heart set on this cute little car that my pigs have already started paying for, some Burberry Touch perfume, a new custom-made glass dildo, and what I really want you to pay for is a vacation from this snow! I’m thinking a 5-day cruise will do the trick!

Now, if anyone from that 99% I mentioned earlier has read this blog, they think I’m the crazy one for thinking my pathetic findom paypigs will come out of the woodwork to pay for my extravagant delights. If only they knew you as I do. Right now I bet you’re about to switch tabs on your browser or switch apps on your phone, to see where you can secretly move money to hand it over to me. Unless you’re John. Then you’re just trying to figure out how much all those things cost before you pay for half. Isn’t that right, slut?

Go ahead, call me for your findom phone sex, give me a reason to notice you little piggy!

Phone Sex Free