Fetishes are my comfort zone.

I never feel more at home than when I’m surrounded by fetishes! This series is not a complete list of the ones I enjoy, it’s more of a wicked look into my kinky, sexy mind. With all of the awesome fetishes out there, I might never end this naughty series! My pussy is starting to get wet thinking about how hot some of my favorites really are. I would love to play with you on a fetish phone sex call and really let you hear how worked up I get for them!

Tonight I want to start with anal worship and anal play. I don’t think anyone would pass over a chance to shove their hard cock inside of a tight, warm ass, but my boys need more than a slutty little ass to fuck. You, like me, need to be immersed in it. Is there anything more perfect than having your fantasies brought to life and having a round, plump ass dropped directly on your face? Nah, my nasty boys live for it! Having the freedom to explore such a juicy treasure takes you right to Nirvana.

I love putting on my stockings and heels and teasing you from across the room while you grow hard and excited. When you see such a sexy buffet ready to be devoured. I know you lose control, and seeing that desperation in your eyes makes my little heart pound. I feel like a deer in the crosshairs of an expert hunter when you look at me like that. When I finally cross the room and make you kneel, there’s never an ounce of hesitation from either of us. We’re both ravenous for one of our favorite fetishes.

Some boys want different things, and I want them all!

Anal sex is a fetish all on its own. Sometimes it involves worship and sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s always so fucking hot to get as dirty as we can. Whether we incorporate a gfe aspect or a roleplay into our naughty anal sex. I love shoving my toy deep inside of myself as you pound my tight asshole. Make it sensual or make it hurt. Just make me feel you deep inside of me and I’ll be your nasty anal slut! I’ll even hold my cheeks apart as you dive deep into my warm ass.

I’m a pretty dominant woman, in fact, Femdom fetish will be a very big part of this series, but not even I can pass up a good anal raping. Tie me up, make me beg you not to force yourself on me, but give me no mercy! Will I be able to handle it, or will you break me? I guess we’ll have to see…

Phone Sex Girls