Pathetic findom paypig that you are, you probably think your money makes you important in my life.

Well, you’d be immeasurably wrong, my pathetic findom paypig. What you are is an obnoxious blip in my life that just happens to come with a payout. You’re mine, sure, but only because that wallet of yours is so fat. The moment I bleed you dry, I’ll discard you and your perverted mind. You wouldn’t possibly be delusional enough to think I actually give a damn about that feeble body you’re so intent on showing off, would you? No, if you believed that, we be leaning closer to forced sissy training instead.

I own you.

It’s in my screen name for a reason. My sexy legs and tight pussy might draw you in, but the way I so eagerly demand more and more from you will have that pathetic findom paypig in you wrapped around my finger. Every time your bank account shrinks, you’ll know you’ve done at least one thing right in your life.

  See, I love spending money. I luxuriate in expensive bubble baths, fine oils from across the globe, and handcrafted makeups. Your money keeps me beautiful, but don’t for a second think you aren’t replaceable! There are enough men carrying the title “pathetic findom paypig” to keep me pampered for years to come.

   But I don’t just spend money on my materialistic vices, either. I’m a smart little slut who takes her disgustingly needy paypigs’ money and turns it into even more money! I just love using your money to expand my portfolio. Every time I check my earnings and see a profit, I think of each useless male who willingly gave me their money.

Don’t even think about calling and claiming to be a finsub if you can’t afford the treatment!

  You want my derision. I get it. But don’t you dare waste my fucking time to get it! I only want the plumpest wallets to fall open for me like that. Humiliation calls are their own beasts, and while they make for some of my favorite fetish phone sex, pretending to be a finsub will not get you the outcome you desire. Now, if you want to be humiliated with a little financial fantasy on the side, I’ll give you your desire in spades, you just have to be upfront with me.  I refuse to make your life a living hell if you aren’t.

    Most men are weak, stunted little creatures, skulking in the shadows.

I love exposing you to the light and showing you your true self! There’s something so pure about reminding my pathetic findom paypig that you’re nothing but a little insect. And, I always have been a bit of a monster because ripping the wings off of bugs brings a genuine smile to my face.

   While you bring smiles with your tributes, and sneers with your weakness, just know, I would just as happily flay you piece by piece in exchange for that cash. I mean, why do you think we call you cash cows and paypigs? It surely isn’t because you’re so damn tasty, I’ll tell you that!

   I wouldn’t even retweet you on Twitter without payment, so me finding you fuckable is pretty much off the table. No, you bring me a different kind of excitement. A predatory excitement. My panties get wet at the thought of fucking you over, not fucking you, so be glad that I’m even willing to give you my time!

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