Even A Pathetic Cuckold Needs To Get Fucked Sometimes!

Even a pathetic cuckold needs to get fucked sometimes! It’s not very often that my little pathetic cuckold gets fucked too, but on this occasion, I just had to make an exception. I mean, I love watching my man put it down hard on a pathetic cuck. With that being said, he got fucked alright, he just had to wait for his though, but not too long. I just wanted to have my fun first. Jake had to help me get ready for my date and listen to me go on and on, about all the nasty things I was going to do with David. I couldn’t wait to suck his big, hard dick and then have it ram into my tight, wet pussy.

Jake listened to me quietly and I knew he was turned on, but jealousy is something I rarely see out of him. Ha! When I was all prettied up I went off all happy, leaving Jake alone in a dark house. I spent most of the night with David doing everything I wanted with him, then went home. I stopped at a red light and sent Jake a text telling him about what we did, just to torture him a bit. By the time I got home his head was full of naughty little images and his cock was in agony.

He was waiting for me and I went over to him, asked him if he missed me and rubbed against him, so he could smell David’s aftershave on me.

He moaned and I reached down, feeling how hard he was through his pants. “Oh, let’s go to the bedroom,” I told him and he thought he was going to fuck me because he practically threw me down on the bed. I rolled away from him and told him to get undressed in my no-nonsense bossy tone. I took out the strap-on and he looked disappointed. He has a love/hate thing for pegging; he thinks it’s disgusting and gay to be fucked up the ass, but he loves it when I hit his prostate. I told him that only David would fuck me tonight, so get down on all fours and take what he was given.

He did what he was told, knowing that he was lucky to get anything and I grabbed the lube. I put some over his hole and fingered it, until he was loose then lubed up the dildo.

I pressed the tip against his hole and he flinched away so I had to put my arm on his back to keep him in place while I guided it into him. He grunted as it stretched his hole wide open and he kept tensing up. I finally got in him and asked how he liked it. He said the right words, telling me that it was great and thank you. I started doing small thrusts and he knelt there taking it as I told about how David had bent me over and fucked my dripping pussy from behind. Then I went a bit faster and held his hips, tugging him back to meet me.

I rammed into him and he groaned loudly as I hit his prostate.

 The little bitch was liking this now and he shoved his ass back, fucking himself on the dildo and moaning. “David made me do those same noises,” I told him as he reached down with one hand and started jerking his dick. He began to sound more desperate as his ass and dick got worked and I gave him hard, quick jabs. His back got all tight and he started to cum all over himself. I kept going, milking that prostate until every drop of cum was covering his hand, then pulled out of him. I looked at him lying there, all sweaty and dirty.

“Ugh, go clean yourself up,” I told him! I love having a good boy to fuck! But that was just the beginning, call me for Pathetic Cuckold phone sex and let’s take this fantasy to a new level!

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