The best Valentines Day sex I had ever had was last year.

To begin with, keep in mind as you’re reading the words I’m typing, this is a true story. I had the best valentines day sex last year and I want to tell you all about it! Read and feel every word and detail, stroke yourself if you have to. I especially want you to feel every bit of pleasure I did that night.

I got home from a late night at work and as I walked up to the door of my apartment, there was a pink box with a little red bow on it and a letter attached to it.

“My love,

I have a sweet surprise for you in this box. Use the spare bathroom to change. Your next note will be waiting for you on top of your next gift.”

So, I unlocked the door followed my instructions. I could hear the muffled sounds of jazz music playing from the bedroom. Wondering how kinky our Valentines day sex would be this year, I found another small black box waiting for me on the counter, just like the note said.

Soon, I opened my first box and there I found little chocolates and a brand new pair of pink panties.  Next, I let my dress fall to the floor around my ankles and I put the new silky pair of panties on as I popped a chocolate into my mouth. He was right, this was a particularly sweet surprise!

So, I opened my second box and found some handcuffs. The second note read:

“Now that you’re in your proper attire, come to the bedroom and bring those handcuffs! Who said passionate love-making couldn’t be rough?” He drew a little heart at the end with a little smiley face in it.

As soon as I opened the bathroom door, I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before.

There was red and white rose petals sprinkled all over the floor leading to my bedroom. So I followed the romantic path and the jazz music started to sound a little clearer. As I pushed the door open, it continued with candles on the sides surrounding my bed. I followed my path of rose petals and candles to the bed as he’s laying completely naked, waiting for me.

“What are you waiting for?” He laughed. I crawled onto the bed and started attacking his lips with mine. Our tongues entangled and we could feel each others passion. As we are kissing, he grabs the handcuffs and puts them tightly around my wrists behind my back. He grabs my waist and flips me around putting my face into the pillow and my ass nice and high in the air.

I feel his tongue start to rub on my pussy and asshole. His warm tongue got me super wet! Soon after, he starts rubbing some lube on my tight little ass and he slowly shoves a big butt plug inside of me. I moan with pleasure and surprise. Then finally, I feel his cock rubbing on my pussy and slowly pushing the tip inside of me. His whole 10 inches went all the way inside of me. He grabbed my throat from behind, lifting me off the pillow with his cock in my pussy and my ass plugged up.

He held me close by the throat as he pounded my pussy. We both must have come at least five times that night. Feeling his cum leaking out of my pussy and down my shaky legs was one of the most relaxing feelings ever. This year our Valentines day sex will be much kinkier!!

Sweet Phone Sex