First Date with My Passionate Foot Lover

I met a guy named Keith on a dating app and we hit things off pretty well. When we finally met up for our first date, I should have known right then that he would be a passionate foot lover. As I walked into the restaurant, I saw that there was a present waiting for me by my seat. When I opened up the bag, I saw the most stunning pair of black stiletto heels with red soles. It was so sweet and unexpected. So, the first thing I did when I got home was send him a picture of me wearing them and thanked him for the special night.

Sexy Pics

Keth was so excited by the picture of my beautiful feet in the new heels that he sent me a picture of his rock hard cock. At first, I thought things might be moving a bit fast. After a second look at his massive package, I decided to go against my own rules and get a little phone foreplay in! I turned on the college slut cam and took off my dress. Then I sent back a picture of me in my bra. To my surprise, Keith wasn’t as excited and asked me if I could try to get the heels in each picture. It was an odd request but I was turned on so I complied.

After our picture play, I was really in the mood to get it on in person with my passionate foot lover. A few days after our first date, I invited Keith over to my place. Before he came, I went shopping for a new outfit and got a pedicure so that I could wear the new heels that he bought me. It excited him to see me wearing them. Then he asked me to sit on the couch, so I did. I expected him to sit next to me but instead, he knelt down on the floor in front of me. Then he picked up my feet and set them on his knee.

Passionate Foot Lover

Very slowly, my passionate foot lover slid the heels off of each foot and sniffed them before setting them down. He carefully held one foot in each hand and rubbed his thumbs under the arches. Then he pulled my feet up to his face and rubbed them against his cheeks and over his lips. He complimented my pedicure and kissed each toe like I was royalty. It felt good to be worshipped this way and it was really turning me on.

Foot Fucking

He stood up still holding my feet gently in his hands. Then he massaged my feet in one hand as he began undressing with the other. I watched his big cock spring out of his boxers. I was so anxious to feel him inside of me. Then he took my feet and wrapped them around his cock. I felt him throb between my arches as he closed his eyes and began thrusting. As I watched him fuck my feet, I took my fingers and slid them into my panties. I thought surely he would drop my feet and fuck my tight pussy any minute now.

Instead, he gripped my ankles tighter and started to really grind his cock between my soft arches. I heard my passionate foot lover panting and groaning before a final grunt escaped his lips. Then I felt his cum pour out onto my bare feet and splash up onto my freshly painted toes. He tucked his cock back into his shorts and slowly got back down on his knees. He licked up his mess, kissed each toe once more, and thanked me for the good time. Then I watched my passionate foot lover walk out of the house. I felt more confused and hornier than ever. I have never met a man who would choose my feet over my perfect pussy.

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