Party Girl Fun is how college life should turn out.

I never will engage in party girl fun. That’s the lie I believed. When you start college, you think you will never fall under the peer pressures of others. After all, you naively think you can get thru four to six years of routine without falling victim to the party scene. I’m a good girl. I get good grades, pass my classes, and it is all a breeze. It’s a whole new world. Peers from all over the nation fill up the campus rosters. I learn about all kinds of backgrounds and habits. It is quite an eye-opener. I’m in awe of the changes from having my parents around to pretty much calling all the shots. I’m quickly into following the crowd, and that never ends too well. That may be true, but it’s college life, and what am I suppose to do? You only live once.

Young, Wild, and Free!

When I get the invite to my first rave party, I know instinctively I’m about to break all the rules. An hour in that mere thought, it becomes an understatement. I look at my friend and she solidifies that there’s no turning anything down. Whether it is a cock, coke, or a cum shot, it’s all a go. Party girl fun is the reason we came. My friend is more daring and starts off saying yes to it all. I’m still rationalizing to an extent and promise myself I will only have one shot of tequila and keep it’s as clean as possible. A bit of jealousy and FOMO fill my thoughts, and I see everyone having orgies and getting high as a kite. I want in on the action too. The pressure hit like a ton of bricks.

I’m in like sin!

Not a minute will I let go by without engaging in all the wild party girl fun. I want to say I have done it all in my college days, from seducing professors to college orgies to Hot Sugar Baby chronicles. Without a doubt, I’m all for doing it all at least once. I kept repeating that like a mantra. It’s college fun and you only live once. That is how I built up the courage, and I said fuck it, let’s do it all. Cocks with white lines after the next. Blue pills, white bars, jello shots, all in our systems. Each girl had to fuck it out and dispense that energy. It felt so good to feel a different cock in another hole. The cum blasting all over our faces was the best.

Do it all over again.

Why stop at one night? Rules you can break equals fun you will indulge in, after all. I’m sure anyone under that kind of influence will not be able to say no. The hottest and naughtiest girls and guys with the biggest cocks take the center and ravage each party’s sluts holes. I’m so happy I came. Party girl fun is a blast. Say yes to it all, and you, too, will experience some wild college stories.


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