From Naive Young Nanny to Hot Sugar Baby

As a young teen babysitter, I felt quite comfortable turning into the live-in nanny for an affluent family. I never thought that a simple change would spiral out of control in all the right ways, of course. It became a weekend thing, but the wife became impressed by my attentiveness and asked if I could be a house nanny for the summer. It fits with my schedule, so it’s a perfect opportunity. During this time, I felt a little awkward agreeing. I know the husband is infatuated with me.  For instance, the husband tells me one day, after a long day at the office, while everyone is asleep, he pulls me to the side and tells me how much he likes my tight young body. The husband comments on his love for Latinas, who can be his Hot Sugar Baby.

He wants more from me.

A Nanny is fun, and fooling around is excellent, but he tells me he wants to spoil me every day. After I let him feel me up and let him buy me all the things I can only dream of, time ticks away, summer is gone, and back to campus I go. My summer sugar daddy wants to make things exclusive to an official Hot Sugar Baby that doesn’t only let him feel her up but also tease him and edge him. My sugar daddy loves to watch me with other boys my age. I also invite my friends over, and we become Cock Craving Sluts in front of him. Diamon Daddy likes to watch princess with other men and girls. I take care of him so well and make him nut better than he ever can imagine.

Happiness is the same price as “my favorite red-bottoms.”

My Sugar Daddy loves when I’m happy. All I want I get, and there’s something else that makes him rock hard. When I blackmail him, he can’t resist. I show him all the things he will miss out on if he ever decides he pulls out. As a complete worshiper, he gets down on his knees to beg me to let him worship every inch of me. My sexy Latina body is his fantasyland. There is no way he could ever resist. My pretty pink pussy is a drug, and he won’t stop.

Hypnotizitaion is real

One taste of the sugar life and he’s an addict. No one can make him submit like a Hot Sugar Baby like me. I own his whole existence. The things I have him do are surreal. I don’t allow him to fuck his wife. I’m glad she has no idea I’m still around. Late night in the office tends to be playtime after all. I’ve got plenty of blackmail ammo. There is no point in it genuinely. The obsession for the Latina college girl will always be his kryptonite. I’m sure he will do anything I ask of him. It is so fun to make him do all that I want. I don’t have to work about a thing, and that in itself makes me so wet. Platinum cards and Loubitons and Yves Saint Laurent clutches make me horny as can be.

Isn’t it Ironic?

A short-term gig turns out to be a longtime commitment. I get so excited to use my submissive sugar daddy. All he wants is to make me his Hot Sugar Baby permanently. I love how desperate and pathetic he becomes. The more of me he gets, the more of my fan he becomes. I love ruling his world and giving him something to live for after all.


Sugar Baby Phone sex is quite the experience. You will get hooked.