Sometimes Part Time Lovers Know You Better!

So, do any of my readers have part time lovers?  There are so many reasons why we have these occasional or more frequent individuals in our lives.  Sometimes they make our lives better for having had them and other lovers we would gladly forget and never look back.

Back in my early teen days, I had some great lovers.  I can confidently say we both learned from one another.  These teen sex stories not only build an appreciation for the past but help us to grow as sexual human beings.  One such lover, I had as a budding teen.  Her name was Jojo.  Jojo seemed so innocent, but that was so far from the truth.  On the contrary, this girl could fuck till the sun came up and she always seemed ready to go at it again.

Those earlier times stuck with me!

We had so many adventures together both in private and in places where we knew we could get caught at any moment.  Moreover, we didn’t seem to care.  When Jojo put on a strap on she could fuck like a whirlwind to the point of sheer torture.  However, all good things have to end sometime.

So, what happened next and where do part time lovers come in?

Rather than mourn the loss of a great thing ending, I pushed forward. I had many more great experiences.  Honestly, I never thought I would see Jojo ever again.  One day I was coming out of the store and I saw Jojo outside of her car.  She seemed distressed not like her usual collected self.  My insides turned to jelly when I saw her.  She was wearing a blue sundress and sandals.  It was pouring heavily and her dress was thoroughly soaked.  My pussy started to tingle and familiar feelings of lust and love crept over my body.  I wanted Jojo so bad I would do anything cunning to get her into bed.

Tenderly, I hugged Jojo tightly around her waist.  I could smell her shampoo coupled with her favorite perfume.  Struggling, I fought my urge to eat her up  She was shivering in her wet dress.  I groaned as I peered into the car and saw her keys on the floor.

In short, Jojo had a moment!

Generally speaking, Jojo was not a careless person by nature.  Her keys must have come out of her purse.  I was so happy to learn she was living back in town and had just bought a house here again.  Jojo was married to a nice guy.  I was happy for her, but I did feel a slight twinge.    Jojo had attempted to call her husband but could not get him to leave work to come and help her.

I didn’t want to see Jojo stranded!

So I offered Jojo a ride home.  The drive to her house only took a few minutes.  Slyly, I cranked the AC so I could get those nipples hard as a rock.  Jojo’s nipples poked through the dress as she shivered from the air.  Her husband was still at work and would not be home for a little while.  Once inside I took advantage of the time we had. Swiftly, I scooped Jojo into my arms and kissed her passionately.  I stripped her out of the wet dress in one fast motion.

I knelt down to her panties and ripped them off.  The delicate fabric tore.  Her pussy was so good and wet.  She tasted so sweet just like she did when we were teens.  This wasn’t enough for me.  I grabbed her hand and we half ran to her bedroom that she shared with her husband.  We fell onto the bed where we licked each other till we both screamed in ecstasy.

The feelings for her were still there!

Jojo surprised me by kissing me hard and telling me she had a surprise for me.  She got off the bed for a moment then returned with a pink strap-on.  Before I could speak she put the tip into my mouth and forced the head down my throat.

I loved being under this sexy woman sucking her strap on,  When I got it good and wet, she knelt between my legs and fucked my pussy hard and fast.  Just the sheer excitement of being pounded sent me into another world.  That encounter was fast and quick but there was so much more that happened after that day.  We saw each other a lot more and became part time lovers.

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