It’s Halloween, the Perfect Setting for an Erotic, Paranormal Sex Story

You had just wanted to get some air. The Halloween party was in full swing and the body count had gotten a bit out of control. As you step into the cool night air, you take in the backyard. The full moon above had painted everything in a cascade of bluish glow. The perfect backdrop for a paranormal sex story.

Stepping down onto the damp grass, you start walking toward the back of the property. The hosts of this Halloween party went all out, it seems. They had transformed a perfectly welcoming backyard into a creepy and foreboding graveyard. Geez, they must have a fog machine hidden someplace, because the thick soup-like substance was slowly creeping along the ground. A tingling shiver involuntarily rolls down your spine.

Perusing the Stephan King-inspired scene, something caught your eye. As you trudge on to investigate, you see it’s an old-style iron gate, flourishing all sorts of dark swirls. Given the evening, you figure your host must have gone all out it seems.  Figuring that it is just an extension of the party, you push the gate open, the low creak of the iron quite apropos for the night.

Once you step through, you notice a ground fog has started to form. Seriously?  It’s so stereotypical itself that it’s a classic, if not just a wee bit over the top. With that thought, you press forward.

Classic prelude to a scary, paranormal sex story

As you continue down the darkened path, the only sounds you hear are the dried leaves crunching under your feet, and an occasional owl’s hoot – odd, no annoying crickets chirping and no murmurs of other guests.  But then you do hear another sound – a voice whispering from the darkness. At first, you think to yourself, oh this is good; I’m game, and follow the sensual pleas.

But then you find yourself more than just curious as to the owner of such an enticing voice. In fact, you’re strangely drawn to it, and an odd need starts to drive you.  The seductive whisper is not just heard around you but is seeping into your mind as well. You know that this is bad, that you should turn tail and get as far away from this siren’s call as you can.

Even with this knowledge, you still can’t stop putting one foot in front of the other – the all-consuming need to take full control of your extremities. You don’t know why, but you must find the source of the whispers that fill your mind, pushing all else out. The need to find the source of your taunts rises to a frantic level.

It had all the trappings of a supernatural seduction

Just then a clearing opens up to you.  Lit by the full moon above you see her in all her glory.  A demonic fantasy sex story comes to life. Her voluptuous form peered through a gauzy coverlet.  Overall, the sight would have been something out of an erotic dream if it weren’t for the fact that there were horns curving away from her temples, or the slow swaying of a tail peeking out from the flimsy cloth draping.  You hear her call to you once again. At the same time another thought invades your mind:  Succubus Demon – somehow the knowledge is there instantaneously. Intellectually you tell yourself that you couldn’t possibly know the identity of what stands before you, but with every fiber of your being, you know it to be true; a Succubus Demon has called you to her.

Every fiber of your body tells you to turn and run… the voice inside your head screaming for you to get away. But you ignore the warnings that are pummeling every one of your senses and step forward instead, being pulled by some invisible force that won’t let you go; that you can’t fight; that you don’t want to fight.  You stop trying to resist –

…needing to be consumed by her…

…and she will not disappoint.


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