If you have read any of my blogs, especially my blog about Pantyhose Fetish Stories you may have guessed that I have a stocking fetish. I love how the perfect pair of pantyhose feel; so soft and silky against my smooth legs. I love to tease you with my pantyhose by wrapping them around your dick as I stroke your cock. My pantyhose fetish also expands into pantyhose domination, pantyhose foot domination, pantyhose phone sex, and pantyhose cuckold…just to name a few. 🙂

Have I mentioned the goosebumps that I get? When you run your tongue from my toes and up my legs, landing on my inner thighs. Mmm… Your tongue begins caressing my inner thighs, inching your way closer to my pussy. You tease me by softly blowing air onto my pulsing clit as I squirm underneath you, my pussy craving your touch.

You slowly slide your tongue into my sweet, juicy pussy. I moan in delight and throw my head back when you start licking my pussy lips and sucking on my hard clit. I want you to slowly roll my pantyhose off of my legs so that I can wrap one around your dick as I stroke your hard, throbbing cock.

Fully aware of your lipstick fetish, I made sure to wear red lipstick tonight. The sight of my full lips painted with bright, glossy red lipstick automatically hardens your cock. Visions of my lips wrapped around your dick, smearing my red lipstick around the tip and down the shaft as your cock hits the back of my throat race through your mind. You imagine me tasting your salty pre-cum, my mouth watering as I suck harder and faster.

The best phone sex is when you feel like you’re actually having sex while on the phone

You can barely contain yourself and I feel your dick start to throb in my mouth. I tighten my pantyhose around the base of your cock, as much as I crave your cum in my mouth; I want to feel every inch of your thick, hard cock as you pound into my pussy.

You pick me up and toss me onto the bed, lifting my legs over your shoulders. And as you thrust your dick into my pussy, I wrap the second thigh-high around your neck and pull you in closer. You have watched thousands of girls having sex on porn websites, but none of them have ever made your cock feel like this.


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