Pantyhose Fetish Stories

My pantyhose fetish is most definitely not a secret! And I recently told you about a fun cock control sex game that I like to play when I have sex on the phone. I have posted a few pantyhose fetish stories previously and I’ve shared the latest of my Pantyhose Fetish Stories below.


My girlfriends and I went to a music festival over the summer, I mentioned it in one of my previous crazy sex stories that I posted on my blog. My friends and I had an amazing time dancing, singing and fucking! After the first night of shows, we went back to our hotel room to change outfits and grab a bite to eat before we went to the bars and clubs downtown. I changed into a red tube top, short black miniskirt, sheer black pantyhose, and adorable red kitten heels. Typically, I would wear a pair of sexy thigh highs, but I recently bought a pair of expensive pantyhose that feel like silk against my skin; I absolutely love them!

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As we walked into the first club I headed straight for the dance floor. Making my way to the middle of the dance room, I made eye contact with a guy standing at the bar. I motioned for him to come over, ready to run my fingers through his dark brown hair. He grinned mischievously at me as he walked towards me. Without saying a word, I turned my back towards him; grinding my ass against his crotch.

Silky, Smooth Pantyhose

I could already feel his hard cock through his jeans, rubbing against my ass. His dick was rock hard and growing! He put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him; I could feel his warm breath on my neck and it sent shivers down my spine. His hands slowly moved down my hips, cupping my ass cheeks underneath my skirt. His hands were big and strong; he grabbed my ass cheeks while he pressed his dick against them. Chills radiated up my legs and made my clit tingle as he slowly ran his hands over my silky, smooth pantyhose; caressing my ass underneath my skirt.

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