My sub has a pantyhose fetish, and I love to deliver.

A pantyhose fetish goes hand-in-hand with my sub’s foot kink. He loves getting kinky and dirty when it comes to playing with my feet, sometimes breaking out ice cubes so he can run it over every individual toe. He loves to play with his tongue over fresh, glossy pedicures, too. Something drives him extra-crazy when it comes to stockings and pantyhose, though. It doesn’t matter whether I’m wearing some run-of-the-mill black stockings that would best go with a work uniform, or if I break out the sexy, upscale lace ones for him to fawn over. He loves it all, and damn near loses his mind whenever he knows I’m wearing them specifically for him.

I can’t put my finger on it.

I think he has a pantyhose fetish because of how they look. He’s a little kinkster, so they get pretty wet and messy after I’ve been playing around. I think he can pick out every spot and mark on them.. I think he also just loves the way they look, and the way they frame my legs for him. Hell, he may be one of the ones that wants them just because of how they soak up my scent all day. He loves to sniff and toy with them long after I’ve taken them off.. And there is the ever-present thought of him putting them on and strutting around, too. Is my sub a little sissy? I’m starting to think so! He may just have a kink for dressing up, and seeing them gets him excited because he knows he’ll get to rock them later.

Oh, my little sub’s kink has a whole realm of possibilities.. and I can’t wait to play with every single idea.

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