My sub has a deep foot fetish and I love to indulge him.

Foot fetish subs are not new to me at all, but this little subbie sure loves to make it interesting. I didn’t realize he was so kinky! Of course, he always went crazy whenever I walked around in heels, and sometimes when I got a pedicure, he acted up a little more. However, just lately I realized it’s because the dirty boy has a foot fetish! Can you imagine? He’s so kinky and naughty, and yet it still caught me off guard. I got to work as quickly as I tied the ideas together, even going out to get a bright red pedicure.. And of coursed, no random pedicure will do, it had to be the nicest place in town. The ladies made my feet ridiculously soft..

I knew he’d be licking them later.

As soon as I got home, he was all over me. I walked through the door in a tall pair of black stiletto heels, featuring a peep toe so he would be able to see my surprise. As soon as he saw it, it was all over. His jaw dropped a good few inches, and I was smirking the whole way as I walked past him. He slipped off the couch and onto his knees, muttering a few words before finally speaking up to beg me. “Please, I need your feet, right now.” He didn’t need to ask twice, but I made him do it anyway, and the second time he sounded much more desperate. “I love your feet – please let me lick them, please.” He was all mine, in the blink of an eye.

I rolled my eyes, appearing bratty as I sat on the couch and kicked my feet up on the coffee table. He quickly got to work, fawning over them, doting on each toe and covering them with kisses. The poor boy went as far as to take the heel off with his mouth – or at least, for the most part. He put in a valiant effort with his tongue before undoing the strap. The rest was history, he was indulging in my feet all night..


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