If you have read any of my blogs, especially my erotic blog about pantyhose fetish stories you may have guessed that I have a stocking fetish and I love pantyhose fetish sex. I love how the perfect pair of pantyhose feel as it rubs against my skin. So soft and silky smooth against my long, toned legs. Pantyhose domination through sensual domination is something that I enjoy a lot during our phonesex calls.

You can’t help yourself around me. The sight of my nylon stockings covering my sexy legs is enough to send your cock over the edge. When I am wearing my black sheer at the waist nylon pantyhose, all that you can think about is pantyhose fetish sex. I teasingly run my fingertips from my foot, up my leg and my calf. Grinning to myself because I know just how badly you wish those were your fingertips on my legs.

Our Mutual Pantyhose Fetish Makes For Mind-Blowing Pantyhose Fetish Sex

I relish feeling my pantyhose as they rub lightly against my pussy when I’m not wearing any panties. Standing in front of you, wearing my short lilac sundress, flashing my nylon-covered pussy. Your cock springs to attention, pantyhose fetish sex always seem to do that to your dick. It makes me so fucking wet! Knowing how much my pantyhose covered pussy turns you on.

I pull at the band around my waist, pulling it up just a little bit. Your eyes are practically bulging out of your head as you examine the seam of my pantyhose. My pantyhose seam that is now resting between my juicy pussy lips, creating the perfect camel toe. A wet stain appears on the crotch of my pantyhose. This allows you to get a glimpse of just how wet pantyhose fetish sex has made my pussy.

Putting on a pair of sheer pantyhose and rubbing my fingers over my clit always sends you into a frenzy! Touching myself through the nylon feels so fucking good! My fingertips are quickly moistened by my pussy juices. There is a unique smoothness but also more friction as my fingertips tease my clit over my pantyhose.

It can make me cum almost too quickly, I fight to hold back and draw out the pleasure. Pantyhose fetish sex is my intent and judging by the size of your cock, I would say that you and I have mutual intentions. I straddle your hips, placing your throbbing hard cock along the seam, still positioned right over my clit.

Pantyhose Fetish Sex With You Feels So Fucking Good!

Wrapping my arms around your neck, you bury your face in between my perky tits. Inhaling deeply, smelling the sweet scent of my perfume. I grind my pantyhose covered, dripping wet pussy up and down the shaft of your rock hard manhood. Pantyhose fetish sex with you feels so fucking good!

Tightening my grip around your neck my nails scratch your shoulders as I quicken my pace. With your arms wrapped tightly around my waist, your tongue finds its way to my left nipple. My nipple hardens underneath your tongue. Feeling your warm breath blowing heavier on my tit you wrap your delicious lips around my nipple; gently kissing it. Throwing my head back while pressing my pantyhose covered pussy harder against your cock and arching my back, a moan escapes from my mouth.

Pantyhose fetish sex with you feels so fucking good!