Teasing my boyfriend with pantyhose fetish play.

Pantyhose fetish play keeps my boyfriend’s imagination going. He started off with a simple foot fetish that expanded exponentially. I’ve always been a cock tease so I took advantage of every bit of it. The fun of it starts with how easily he starts begging for more. His kinks expand much more than just stroking himself as he kisses and toys with my toes. The boy has a real addiction, and it keeps growing. I love to tease him and keep him thinking of me, so I supply plenty of pictures and dirty little texts.

But this is so much more than that. He’s always hard for me anyway, but he needs my feet and lingerie to push him over the edge. It’s a win-win situation because I get him to pay for whatever lingerie or heels I buy. You should see the stars he gets in his eyes when I walk past him in a pair of stilettos, ready to go out somewhere. It actually doesn’t matter what shoes I wear. He goes crazy as long as I wear some kind of black stockings, with high-heeled boots, strappy heels, or pumps. His eyes nearly pop out of his head.

The sight of those two things makes him hard as a rock.

He wants to spend every waking moment around me and my legs. Doting on them, kissing on them, everything humanly possible. When I have him naked in bed, footjobs are his favorite. It’s so much fun to stroke my pretty little toes up against him and drive him crazy. He loves how lace feels against his cock, or against his skin. I’ve even given him a footjob with stockings on, as a little bit of pantyhose fetish play. The material feels silky against his cock and only makes him cum harder. Sometimes, he even cums on them.

However, there’s been a few times when I experiment and make him wrap the stockings around his cock. The first time I did this, it was to use them as a cockring and keep him hard for me. However, the feeling is so intense that he cums inside them every time, so I have to give them an extra wash or two. Out of all our pantyhose fetish play adventures, getting to cum inside the actual lingerie is his favorite. After all, he loves seeing me wear it, but he loves getting up close and personal with it much more.

The lace feels like heaven against his cock.

Sometimes, I wonder if he’d ever get curious enough to wear it himself. I’m not sure his kinks have expanded as far as that. After all, he’s a very masculine and dominant man. However, you never really know what someone’s dirty little secrets are. Could my boyfriend be a sissy in disguise? I always tease him like crazy and assume that he’s a regular Type-A personality.

But you just never know. One day I could come home to find him dressed up in my own lingerie. I might even find him with the pair of stockings wrapped around his cock just like I’d make him jerk off. That wouldn’t really confuse me as much as if I saw him crossdressing. Do you think I should set up a hidden camera and try to see his secret kinks? I guess it would be a lot easier to go through his phone one night and see if there’s any interesting porn history.

That’s where all the fun secrets are hidden.

One day he’ll take a shower and leave his phone unlocked. That’ll be the day I swoop in to find out all his kink curiosities. It’ll go from pantyhose fetish play to all kinds of kinks. I guess we’ll just have to see where this little foot adventure takes us over time. Should I keep a tally of how many times he gets to cum on my feet? How many more kinks do you he’ll add to his fetish phone sex list?

So far, I know threesomes are on that list. The sex of the other party is irrelevant, as we’ve played with other girls and other guys. Of course, pantyhose is always involved, and you can imagine what a lucky boy he is when he gets me and my college friends all dressed up for him.

Kali Taboo Phone Sex