Pantyhose Fetish- Extended version Part III- Ass Play

Pantyhose Fetish. Finally, I take the tip of my huge 12inch Black Dildo and I start to push the tip in. Fuck! Your ass is so tight the tip will not go in. I spread you ass once again and this time I try pushing my index finger in. My perfectly stiletto shaped index nail glides right in. I reposition myself and on the count of three, I am going to shove the tip of this black dick in with all of my strength.



You scream in agony as my huge 12 inch cock rips through your anus.

I glide my hands up and down your pantyhose covered ass and legs as I thrust deep and hard in your ass. My pantyhose fetish is getting satisfied and with each thrust of my hips, it causes the inner lining of my strap on to push up against my clit. Fuck that feels good. I grab hold of your hair lifting your head back I wrap my other hand around your neck blocking your air.

I lean down so I can whisper into your ear “I am about to Cum Papi”. “You want to cum with me” I move my hands down to your shoulders and I start pumping your ass. I pull my cock out of your ass and slap my 12inch meat against your satin covered ass. One final slap and I pour lube all over your ass and then shove it deep in you once again. My clit is so sensitive and engorged I am about to fucking cum.

Oh, fuck yea I love fucking your tight ass baby anal sex truly is one of my favorite sex positions.

To Be Continued at a later time

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