Pantyhose Fetish Games Are So Much Fun!

Do you have a hot pantyhose fetish?  Do you love the way pantyhose feels against your skin, perhaps wrapped around your hot cock as you play with yourself?  My younger brother loved to masturbate.  He was always very curious about his body and other things.  He started masturbating quite early.

One day my brother was in the bathroom and saw a pair of pantyhose sitting on the sink.  My sister Renee had just washed her pantyhose and was air-drying them.  The pantyhose lay across the vanity.  Renee had become distracted and forgot about them.  My brother picked them up to inspect them.  First, he sniffed them, rubbed his cheek against the material.  A shiver ran through his body as the thin fabric touched his skin,  He started rubbing the pantyhose along his body.  Eventually, the pantyhose found his way down to his cock.  Once he discovered the joy of pantyhose and what they did to him, he wanted to keep this a secret.

My brother started becoming more bold.

His curiosity led him into Renee’s room.   He found my sister’s pantyhose.  She had so many beautiful pantyhose.  She had black ones, sheer nude-colored pantyhose, pink pantyhose, white, just so many!

School let out early one day and my brother rushed home to spend some time with my sister’s pantyhose before she came home.  My brother chose a pair of pink pantyhose and lay down on my sister’s bed.  He pulled down his pants and spread his legs on the bed.  His hands wrapped the hose around his cock and started drifting off to a special place.

My sister cleared her throat and interrupted my brother’s fantasy.  Renee frowned at him disapprovingly, much to the embarrassment of my brother.  She threatened to go tell my parents.  Begging and pleading and coaxing, Renee finally relented on one condition.  She made my brother dress in the pink pantyhose.  He had never dressed in the pantyhose before, only used them to jack his dick.  Renee said he wasn’t leaving till he did as she asked.

Once dressed, she started taking some hot photos on her phone.

Now he was definitely at her mercy and not just today. Renee could do anything with those photos.  She made him masturbate his dick while in them.  Truthfully Renee enjoyed watching him, not just because she liked embarrassing him, but because it turned her on.  Renee made him do all kinds of things in that pantyhose.  She made him hump her foot,  she used different toys on his dick, and stroked his dick with her hands.  Renee loved watching his face as she brought him close to orgasm and then backed off.

Renee came up with a game they could play.  He must hold off till she gave permission to cum.  He had no choice as she had all the photos of him dressed in her hose.  Renee stripped out of her clothes and made him eat her pussy to get her ready to fuck him.  After Renee came, she made her brother take his cock and rub it up and down her wet pussy.  The wetness from her pussy almost made him shoot his load on himself.  How much more of this could he take?

In a twisted way, my brother’s pantyhose fetish had become his sexy undoing.  I’d love to hear all about your sexy stocking fetish!

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