I met the cutest pantyhose lovin slut the other day. See he sent me a picture and everything! *smiles* Isn’t he just adorable?!       Tee hee

When he called he said I WANT TO BE YOUR PANTYHOSE BITCH BOY! Punish me for going through your lingerie draws and making of mess of your silky pantyhose he begged. Now how could I pass that kind of fun up? *giggle*

Tsk Tsk Tsk, look what we have here? A little bitch boy wearing my silky pantyhose. I’ve caught you red handed now! I knew you’ve been playing with my pantyhose you little bitch! You’ve been leaving them torn and the crotches covered in cum. Please, please, pretty please, I can’t help myself he pleaded, I crave them to have the scent of that pink pussy, that tight asshole and of course the scent of your feet. I know you’re weak and pathetic and that is why this is going to be so much fun for me. I said with a wicked grin.

Your such a fucking perv, I know being caught is only exciting you more. That’s ok though because I”m going to enjoy the hell out of making you my pantyhose bitch boy! Oh yes he gasps. LMAO What a pathetic little bitch huh? Going to my toy box I pull out one of my trusty fat strappy’s. Already on my bed with his pathetic pantyhose covered ass in the air begging to be fucked like a bitch and rubbing his itty bitty through those silky hose. I pushed the head of that strap-on right up again his puckered hole busting through the pantyhose and tearing up his pantyhose bitch ass. He squealed like the little bitch he is the entire time his naughty ass was getting stuffed, which filled me with all the gratitude I needed from him making a mess of my pantyhose.  *smiles*



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