Panty thief strikes again and I am getting pretty tired of this.

Panty thief strikes again, my panties are very expensive. I am getting sick and tired of people coming into my room and stealing them for their own sexual pleasure. Yes. I really think it is fucking sexy that guys like to smell and lick and wear women’s panties. But damn just because I think it’s hot doesn’t mean you have to rob me blind out of every pair I own.

I am going to have to start a go fund me account to replace all of my stollen panties.

I figured it was my friend Joe again. He loves my panties. Joe has stolen several of my panties. So when the panty thief strikes again my first thought always goes to him. I am not dumb and I know what he does with them. My full back, silky, satiny, soft panties the most popular with Joe. Loving the feeling of them on his cock, he uses them to jack off with. I need to put a lock on my panty drawer. I noticed a few pair gone a couple of weeks ago and then today I really noticed a lot of them had disappeared. Throwing laundry into the washing machine there were only two pair to go in. This was absolutely crazy.

I know I should have had at least 5 pair.

I was so irritated I went up to my bedroom to relieve some stress with my trusty silver bullet. That was very satisfying and relaxing. Next on the agenda was the gym. A good workout keeps my body firm and fuckable. I got home and now needed a shower and a nap. Throwing my clothes on the bathroom floor and enjoying my nice hot shower. It was so relaxing. I laid on my bed and fell asleep.

Awakened by the sound of someone in my bathroom, it was Joe.

The panty thief strikes again. This time I caught him red handed. It is time for his punishment Every panty thief need a good punishment. Take off all your clothes I ordered. He did as he was told. I could see the fear in his eyes. Walking over to my dresser I pull out two pairs of pantyhose. Lay on the bed on your back. He did. Taking one pair of pantyhose I use them to tie his hands up over his head. Fastening them to the headboard. The second pair I use to tie his feet to the footboard.

Since he likes stealing my panties so much I decide to take them and roll them in a ball and shove them in his mouth.

These are the panties that I put on right after I had alone fun with my silver bullet. They were covered in my pussy juice. But that’s not the end of it. I also wore them to the gym and sweat all in them. They were still kind of damp from all the activities of my day. I love Joe to death but I swore that when the panty thief strikes again he would be punished.

Well, he was caught so now it is time for his punishment.

I grabbed my softest, silkiest pair of full back black panties. Beginning to caress his cock with them, making him nice and hard. I asked him if he liked that. He moaned a yes with a mouth full of panties. Almost at the point of no return, I stopped. Just like that. No more stroking his cock. I’m done.

The look on his face was priceless.

Not ready to untie him just yet I sat on the corner of the bed and masturbated. I rubbed my clit and fingered my sweet pussy until I made myself cum all over the bed. My bedroom smelled of my sweet sweet pussy juice. Joe was trying like hell to get undone so he could stroke his cock again.

He was so sexually frustrated and wanted to cum

But unfortunately, in my bedroom, bad boys aren’t allowed pleasure. He will have to do that himself when he gets home. Just not tonight. I will not untie him until the morning. Just remember boys sex is my ultimate weapon and I’m not afraid to use it. Bring me your kinkiest fetish phone sex call and let’s see what you got hiding in your closet.

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