Sex is my ultimate weapon, this is true for most women.

Sex is my ultimate weapon. Well, today I had applied for a job as a medical billing specialist. Well, to be honest, I have no clue about medical billing. So do you want to hear the real reason I applied? It is because of my friend’s husband, Alex. He is a supervisor there and he is smoking hot.

 Getting a glimpse of his cock one day I thought~ oh my sweet baby Jesus was it huge.

Knowing Casey was very satisfied now I know why. I was really hoping to get this job to get closer to Alex.  Craving that huge cock inside of me was becoming an all the time thing. I knew there was a good chance I would not get this job but it was at least worth a try. I arrived at the interview looking my best. My black short skirt and my white button-down blouse. To be honest the blouse was a little tight and the buttons had a hard time staying together at my boobs. I planned this so Alex would look at my chest. Well, I bombed the interview just like I knew I would.

Telling Alex that I really wanted this job and I would do anything to get it.

He looked at me like he could read my mind. He knew that sex is my ultimate weapon. Offering me a different position, I took the job as his assistant. Starting immediately I told him I would do the best job I could and I would go that extra mile for him. Questioning what that extra mile consisted of I told him I would go above and beyond to satisfy him. Glancing at the big bulge in his pants I knew we were thinking the same thoughts. He noticed me looking and undid his belt and zipper.

He pulled out his cock and asked me if I wanted it.

I began to drool. I wanted to taste him. Instantly I got on my knees and took that cock in my mouth. Letting the head of his cock go past the back of my throat I did gag a little, But I did regain myself by not stopping. Giving one of the best deep throat blow jobs he has ever had. His breathing changed and he began to moan.

Sex is my ultimate weapon and I knew it was working on him.

In a matter of minutes, he was pushing my head away begging me to not make him cum yet. Not wanting to stop I tried to push his hand away but he was stronger than me. “We have all day,” he said. I didn’t care I wanted that cock. Stroking it and keeping it hard for him with one hand I unbuttoned my shirt with my other hand. Exposing my big firm breasts he grabbed me and lifted me to a standing position.

Then he leaned over and grabbed my tit and began to suck on my nipple.

Lifting my skirt up to my waist and me onto his desk. My ass landed right on top of his desk calendar and as I leaned back as he began to kiss down my body. Working his way from my breasts down to my belly. Slowly working his way down and ending up at my sweet wet pussy. Licking and sucking on my clit he made my pussy so wet. Sex is my ultimate weapon and I knew I had to have sex with him right now. I pulled his head back up to meet mine.

Kissing him and tasting my pussy juice off of Alex’s soft lips was so sensual.

Then I whispered in his ear “I want to fuck you now.” His cock was thrusting in and out of my pussy so hard I thought he was going to push me right off the desk. “Can I cum in your ass?” he asked. Knowing that Casey never lets him fuck her ass I let him fuck my ass.

Wow. I am not sure I have ever had a cock that big in my ass before.

It was so tight he had a hard time forcing it in. As he penetrated my ass I felt the warm cum shoot deep inside of me. The truth about anal sex is not many girls let their guys do it to them so they do have a tendency to go elsewhere for it. So when I say sex is my ultimate weapon just remember I do anal.

I am not one of these all talk no action girls.

I will use sex to get what I want. Maybe I will give up on the medical billing and just work full time as a phone sex operator. Call me for a naughty talk session.

Sweet Phone Sex