When my family moved to a new neighborhood, I mostly kept to myself except for the kids next door who were in a lot of the same classes. It was about the time that we started hanging out that I noticed my panties started disappearing from the laundry. I had no idea that my next-door neighbors were panty stealing perverts!

It would be fair to say that Anna and I became pretty close friends pretty quickly. Her brother was never a friend. He would come over with her from time to time and play on the Xbox with us.

He watched the sway of my hips when I’d walk across the room, how he’d try to look down my top when I’d lean over for chips. A bit different, yes, but was he one of those panty stealing perverts?

I need an adult

I spoke to Anna about it and she said that her brother had always been a bit of a pervert. He looked at her in a similar way and it was pretty creepy. But how much further was he willing to go with it? We weren’t sure. I stopped by their house one afternoon when I knew they’d both be away, to speak to their father.

Joe was a pretty friendly guy and he got on well with my dad during barbeques. He helped fix the pool when I couldn’t figure it out myself and always waved whenever he mowed the lawn.

We talked out on their back porch about how I didn’t feel comfortable with his son coming over anymore. I didn’t like how he looked at me or how he touched himself around me.

He said he’d talk to him and I felt good about the conversation when I left.

Nocturnal Emissions

It’s no secret that I’m horny nearly all of the time. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night grinding into my pillow. I slip my hand down into my panties and they’re already soaked from who knows how many times I’d come in my sleep. I’ll finger my slick pussy until I’m writhing and clawing into my sheets and then fall back into blissful sleep.

I didn’t realize when the family next door had bedrooms facing the same direction as mine. I was so horny and barely awake, I didn’t bother with the curtains. Anyone next door could look down into my bedroom and watch me finger fucking myself. Panty stealing perverts would die to get their hands on those creamy panties. And here I was curling up and falling back to sleep in them!

Panty Stealing Perverts

Before getting in the shower, I tossed the panties I’d come in the night before on top of the laundry basket. They mysteriously disappeared by the time I got out. I wondered if maybe the cat had snatched them. Cats are weird like that.

That happened several days in a row: coming at night, taking a shower, losing panties in the morning.

On Saturday, I turned on the shower and filled up the bathroom with steam. I waited behind the door and I was shocked to find not a cat paw but a human hand reaching for my dirty laundry!

I threw open the door but they’d disappeared out the back door. It had to be that boy next door.

That next night I set up my phone to take a video of the back door and sure enough the same happened. Another hand reaching for my laundry and more panty stealing perverts! This time I had them on my phone.

Sitting in the bathroom, I checked the video and gasped at what I found. The boy next door stood in the backyard but it was Joe, his father, who came out and handed off my still warm panties to his son.

Getting to the Bottom of It

I laid in wait in the middle of the night, until my usual 2 am playtime. Rolling over onto my back, I slipped my fingers down into my panties and started to finger the slick folds of my pussy. Just as I started to spread and arch, nearing my quivering orgasm, I shot up and looked directly out my open window.

In two separate bedroom windows, there stood Joe and his son, my panties wrapped around their cocks, jerking themselves off furiously. They both had been watching me, night after night, fingering myself and soaking the soft fabric between my legs. I’d found my panty stealing perverts!

That next morning I knocked on their door. Joe sipped on his coffee and nearly spat it out when I played him the video of himself.

“I’ve got copies of the video on my Google drive,” I told them both sweetly, adding a soft smile. “Now, who wants to start paying for my used panties?”


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