My neighbor is such a panty stealing pervert!

I know he thought he was being so sneaky but after weeks of finding my panties missing after laundry day. I was pretty sure there was a panty stealing pervert to blame. Being pretty new to the complex I didn’t know many of my neighbors. There was one guy that stood out to me. Don’t get me wrong I love some hot panty fetish phone sex, I wanted to know who was the bad boy. He obviously needed someone to punish him a little. I wanted to be the one to catch him and teach him a lesson.

I needed to be smart about it if I was going to catch him. So the night before I was going to do my laundry I wore my favorite pair of panties. Taking my time to tease my pretty pink pussy over the silky and lacy panties. I wanted them nice and soaked so I took out my vibrator. Running it up and down the soaked fabric as I got closer to cumming all over my panties. I wanted to make sure they were the panties that no panty sniffer could resist taking! I wore them all night and in the morning they were placed right on top of my dirty laundry.

When I got down to the laundry room I saw my panty stealing suspect there already!

I smiled and waved at him innocently placing my basket by the washer. I saw him as he glanced at my black panties so obviously covered in my sweet pussy nectar. He looked away quickly and checked his phone. I left, to go and grab my laundry soap. When I returned I peeked in to see him with his nose in the panties. I knew he would be able to wait for a second to smell them! I startled him when I came in, as he quickly shoved the panties into his pants. The tiniest bit of black lace was peaking out. There was no way he was getting away with it this time! I had him right where I wanted him.

“Oh no! I must have dropped them!”

He looked over at me, asking me what was wrong? I, of course, was a little embarrassed. Explaining how I must have dropped my favorite panties but I didn’t see them anywhere. He was a wonderful gentleman, helping me look. He followed me all the way up to my apartment and when we got to my door I turned around with a sly smile. Grabbing him by his belt loops I pulled him close to me and whispered into his ear.

“I know what you’ve been doing you panty stealing pervert.”

I reached down his pants giving a nice squeeze around his semi-hard cock before freeing my panties from hiding! His mouth hung open in shock and I shoved my soiled, juicy panties into his mouth. Opening the door to my apartment I pulled him inside. I forced him onto his knees.

You are going to be my bitch now unless you want everyone to know what a perv you are!

He begged me not to tell, saying he would do anything to please his mistress. It was music to my ears. Pulling down his pants exposing him completely, bare ass and leaking hard cock. I knew he was way overdue for a true punishment. Taking my paddle, I ordered him to count ever smack. We got close to 50 before he begged me to “please have mercy, mistress. I’ll do anything!”

So I gave him one more smack and told him to put his mouth on the panties I had on right now. If he wanted to taste my wet pussy so badly, he might as well make me cum. I told him he better make me cum because if I didn’t I was going to fuck his sweet ass. Part of me wanted to take him anyway but I knew I owned him now, there would be plenty of time to make him my bitch in every way. With his tongue, he worked my panties to the side licking and sucking at my clit. My juices dripping down his chin as I came on his mouth.

You can bet he licked up every bit and left with his cock begging to be touched.

Do you want to be my panty stealing pervert slave?

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