I’ve always had a panty fetish…

Having a panty fetish is always exciting! Whether I’m trying on new panties or I have my partner wear a special pair just for me. It just makes me so wet! This week I had a guy put on a pair of my lacy red panties and fishnet stockings for me. I loved the way the lace hugged his cock, it looked like a present and I couldn’t wait to unwrap it. It was even better when I bent him over the bed and saw the lace over his perfect ass. Just looking at it filled me with the naughtiest of ideas, I wanted to turn that sweet ass as red as his panties.

So I took the cuffs and paddle from the drawer and returned to my beautiful lacey panty-boy. Taking his wrists I placed the cuffs on and positioned his hands behind his back. I rubbed my hands over his lace-covered ass before I ordered him to count, as I finished my order the paddle made a satisfying smack across his left cheek. He yelped as he counted one. With each hit, his ass cheeks got redder, starting to match the panties quite nicely. Soon after number twenty, he was begging his mistress for mercy.

Grabbing him by the collar around his neck and turned him around seeing his hard cock peeking out of his panties.

I threw him onto the bed on his back pulled down the panties, I ordered him to spit into my hand and started stroking his cock. Then, I kept telling him what a panty-boy slut he was, encouraging him, I wanted to see him squirt his load all over his panties. I scrapped my painted red nails down his thigh as I stroked him faster, he cried out telling me that he loved when I dug my claws into him; I took my claws and scrapped down his chest. Dripping some lube onto his cock getting it nice and wet, then I grabbed the panties and started stroking him with the panties in my hand too. He cried out, “Please, Mistress! May I cum?” and I said, “Yes, cum all over these panties you filthy little slut.”

Do you have a panty fetish, too?

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