Panty sniffer Al was traipsing around my place once. I still laugh at how shocked he looked when I found him in my laundry room. He just sat there with a thong on his head and the crotch part right over his nose. He had a pair of cheekies wrapped around his cock while jerking off.

Al was my boyfriend’s best friend at the time, so he came over from time to time. Seemed like a nice enough guy at the time. Actually, he still is a fun guy! When I found him in this position I just stood and stared at him. My boyfriend came up next to me and watched the horror spread over Al’s face. being a panty sniffer can’t be something you want everyone to know about.

My boyfriend chuckled and looked at Al with pity. Alex my boyfriend got on his knees and pulled my panties off. We had fucked that morning so I knew those panties would be extra creamy and dirty. I asked Alex what he was doing, and he shhed me until he had the wet panties in his hand.

“Look man I know you’re into my girl and I know you’ve been sneaking her panties. You also look for the panties that have this mark in me.” Taylor said. “You do know this white stuff here, that’s my cum man. You’ve been eating my cum!” He said.

Al looked at us both in shame. “I know Taylor, I pick those out for a reason,” Al confessed. Taylor tossed the fresh dirty panties onto the floor and told Al to put them on. I laughed a bit nervous and wanted to see how this was gonna play out. Al stripped himself naked and put the panties on. Taylor undid his pants while taking Al by the back of the head and fed his cock into Al’s mouth.

Al hesitated but started sucking. I had no idea what the hell to do until Taylor told me to get ready to fuck. Strangely I was turned on.  Going into my bedroom I waited. I could hear the sloppy blowjob in the bathroom still going on. Within a few minutes, panty sniffer and Taylor were in my room.

Taylor had a raging boner and Al had precum on his chin. Taylor mashed Al’s face into my pussy and made him sniff and lick my pussy out. I felt a cock replace a tongue. Looking up I see Taylor fucking my pussy hard and fast, Al licked my nipples and jerked himself off while doing it.

Taylor came deep in my pussy, I felt a huge glob of cum ooze out of my pussy. Al was back between my legs eating Taylor out of me. Seeing him in my panties and buried between my legs I got turned up pretty fast. I squirted right in his face while he ate me out.

Those boys were my fuck toys for months. I love a good obedient panty sniffer!

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