My Co-Worker Had A Secret

There’s this new guy at work, we get along really well. He confessed to me he really loves women’s panties, and that he’s sniffed several over the years. He had a panty fetish. I was just swamped at work and had an idea. I’d bought some new panties on my lunch hour at a lingerie store. I thought maybe he might like to play with them. So I went and got them and he seemed pretty happy about them and he helped me out at work. This panty fetish story was certainly not something I ever envisioned happening with a coworker. Yet it did.

I Had An Idea Of How I Could Get His Help

He mentioned this again a few weeks later and how he loved the panties. However, he really prefers ones that have worn, and have the essence of a woman on them. I soon used this info to my advantage. There was an even bigger project coming up at work I had little enthusiasm for. I had an idea. I thought, why not invite him over? And I have a whole hamper of dirty clothes and panties in my bathroom. Maybe he’d have fun with the dirty panties and do most of the work for me in exchange? The idea worked like a charm.

I Could Hear Him Groaning

I explained this all to him, and he loved the idea, so he came over.  And I pointed out the hamper to him, and let him have at it.  I keep the hamper in my ensuite bathroom. And I thought I’d sit on the edge of the bed and peer in at him as he was having his little panty fest. Oh, I could hear the groans of delight coming from the bathroom as he pressed the dirty panty gussets up to his face and inhaled my womanly aroma. I knew he was in seventh heaven doing it. He looked around the bathroom door at me watching him and said he had a question for me. I asked him what it was, and he told me.

Ok, Now This Was Going A Bit Too Far

He said he wondered if there was any way I’d allow him to sniff the panties I was wearing. Like get right up to my pussy with his face and smell the crotch of them. I was a bit hesitant but agreed. I laid back on the bed and hiked my skirt up and spread my thighs for him.  And I was wearing some red satin panties, and he looked so excited at the idea of me letting him do this. The panty fetish story was unfolding right here on my own bed with the coworker. I could feel his hands creep up my thighs and felt the warmth of his face next to my flesh.

 And I Was So Turned On

I could hear him sniffing as he approached the crotch, and then one long, deep inhale. And I felt so naughty allowing him to do this.  And I was getting turned on listening to him moan with the smells. I felt his tongue graze the outside of my panties and I flinched. He asked if it was ok and I said yes. He continued licking the outside of them and then peeled them down. I let him. They were soon in a pile on the floor and he had his tongue buried in my juicy cunt. He sure knew his way around a pussy and he made me cum with that flickering tongue of his.

 In This  Panty Fetish Story, Everyone Is A Winner!

He soon stripped down himself and got back on top of me. And He slipped his cock into my dripping snatch and began to fuck me hard. He said the smell of the panties had gotten him going like nothing else could. He loved panties, but when I was still wearing them, they were still warm, and as fragrant as possible, it drove him mad with desire.

His cock filled my pussy, and I was so turned on. He put my legs over his shoulders and really got in there deep. My tits were shaking with every thrust, my wet pussy made squishing noises around his cock. It felt wonderful, and I loved it. This panty fetish story had taken a very hot and unexpected turn. I came once more on his hard shaft, and he flooded my pussy with his pent up cum. He said he’d finish the project for work, I was grateful for that and very satisfied.

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