Panty Fetish Fun: this panty slut has an addiction.

Panty Fetish Fun with a little twist. He loves the scent, and the feel, but what he loves most is being the one wearing them. Cotton, silk, and lace, this panty slut has an addiction. His latest shopping trip proved that some women love a man who is confident enough to dress up. Victoria’s Secret, eat your heart out. This dirty male slut got everything he could ever want, and more. All right there in your very own dressing room.  If those walls could talk, it would be scandalous.
The mall was quiet on Monday afternoon.  A huge panty sale had brought so many into stock up on much-needed undies. More stock laid out, the sale would continue through the day.  Seven panties for thirty bucks was almost unheard of these days.
Charming and dressed in a business suit, he paused before going in. He wanted to make sure that no one he knew was watching. Not because he’s ashamed, but because his wife still doesn’t know about this little kink. She is not the type to understand that a man loves to feel slutty once in a while.
Off the rack, he pulled red lace panties, white cotton ones, and a pair of black lace panties that had no crotch. Talk about slutty with a capital S. The little panty boy was going all out today. Usually, they would never allow a man in the dressing area, but the store was slow and the saleswoman intrigued. Well, and a lot turned on by him. How could you not be when there is a very attractive male wanting to slide into something soft and silky.

His Panty Fetish Fun was about to get deeper explored.

The full-length mirror in the dressing room wouldn’t give him the vibe that he wanted. Even standing there with a pair of little white panties on, he needed something.  Calling out, he asked the saleswoman if he could come out and look at himself in the tri-fold wall mirror. Of course, she agreed. She was hoping that he would the moment he asked to try the clothing on. It was as much her fantasy as it was his.
He is 6 ft tall and built like a true man so the undies might have shocked some. Thankfully his confidence made this new role in his life a lot easier to dig into. He is a fetish freak, a panty lover, also a Sexy Stocking Fetish connoisseur, a voyeur’s dream. Saleswoman number one inspected the new outfit, shaking her head in a definite no. White cotton was for little school girls. Not sexy crossdressers. Calling out, she had the second girl bring in a hot pink lace panty that was high cut, and would fit him like it’s designed for him.
He asked for help to place himself in the panty right. Of course, good service is a part of the job. Saleswoman number one followed him in the room, taking control. Sliding the white pair off, tossing them to the side, the lace pink was perfect.  Next, a quick slip over his hips, this cross-dressing man, panty fetish freak, looked perfect.

Panty Fetish Fun: His Favorite Place to Go Is Victoria’s Secret

“I need to adjust you, but so I have more room, we should go put in the main room.”.
All she wanted was to parade him in front of the mirror and show the other ladies in the shop his kink. Slipping her hand over the front of his garment, rubbing his cock, he couldn’t stop the erection. This wasn’t the effect he wanted, but it was what she wanted.
Moans, groans, and sudden threesome at Victoria’s Secret store. Both saleswomen dropped to their knees, licking and sucking on the softness of the silk. Giving him a blow job right there in the middle of the room. Tongue lapped at his cock, they didn’t even have to take them in their mouths. The panty fetish fun shocked the three of them when he exploded, cumming hard. Then, both of the sales ladies sucked the cum from the panties, making the biggest sale of the day.
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