Sexy Stocking Fetish: Do you want to come Help me play dress up?

 Sexy Stocking Fetish: The only thing hotter than my bare legs is when they’re wrapped in nylon!
When you’re a nympho like me, you’re constantly looking for new ways to spice things up. Costumes are always fun! Dressing up as a Slutty Police Officer ready to use my hand cuffs, or a Naughty Nurse begging you to let me use my skills to take care of your massive cock. Even a Dirty Little Maid letting you put my feather duster in all my most sexy places!

The one commonality whenever I’m horny is that I constantly feel most sexy in a hot pair of nylon stockings! It’s weird because I have several different pairs and I can go back to the hottest time I wore each of them. I keep having to stop myself as I type this to play with my wet little kitty, just thinking about all of the pairs and all of the experiences that go along with them.
These black fish net stockings I have go all the way up to my waist. When I wore them last I remember my pussy lips getting caught in the fish net and how incredible it felt to have them rub against the inside of my lips. The guy I was with that night licked my wet pussy through the fish nets and kept darting his tongue inside my tight little pussy! It was so incredibly hot.

 Sexy Stocking Fetish: The nude thigh highs are super fun to wear with a garter belt.

 The dirty boy I played with the last time I wore those for was obsessed with sniffing my feet while I wore them. He said they reminded him of the housekeeper he had when he was growing up. He was such a naughty boy, he’d lick my thigh high nylons while I spanked his chubby red ass like his housekeeper used too. Humiliating him into submission was probably one of the hottest nights of my life!

Let’s make our own story to add to my collection of Hot Milf Sex Stories! You know those Lace Full Body Nylons? I have a full body suit in red. I have a business man who always wants me to dress up in it before we fuck. He licks my areola thru the red lace and gets them soaking wet. Watching my nipples get super hard and erect on my perky titties gets his dick super hard and rigid, the perfect condition to fuck me hard with.

He loves to lick my pussy through the red lace and it’s a good thing I have an extra pair! When he nibbles a hole through the lace and then fucks me while I’m still wearing them, I love it! Pounding me from behind bent over a couch, smacking my booty while he makes me squirt in my full body lace nylon! It’s my favorite!

 Sexy Stocking Fetish: What are your favorite type of nylons for me to wear when we play?

 Do you want me to wear pink crotchless fish nets? Do you like lime green knee highs with a garter belt? Or are you my favorite kind of kinky boy and like to wear my nylons yourself? Do you like a more traditional flesh-toned pair you can watch stretch while
you pull them off me getting all tangled up as you pull them off? This is so fucking hot! I could
keep talking about it forever!

Call me… Ramona for the very best Fetish Phone Sex !