Do you have a panty fetish?  If so, get those silky panties or stockings out and slip them on for my little story.

A panty fetish or pantyhose fetish can be oh, so sexy.  Whether you love seeing a pair of silky or lacey panties on your partner or on yourself.  The sense of touch is crucial to sexual pleasure and the tactile experience of running your hands over silky panties or stockings is so sensuous. I’ve often worn sexy lingerie for men, but in one relationship, the tables were turned.

I adore lingerie, buying it, wearing it alone or with a partner, it doesn’t matter.  I had a boyfriend who loved buying me lingerie, panties, corsets, teddies, you name it. He would give me little gifts all the time, for no other reason than pleasing me, or so I thought.  I would dress up for him when we fucked, it drove him wild.  He loved running his hands up my body, feeling my stockings or silky panties.  His cock got so hard as soon as he touched me.  It added a whole new level to our sexual relationship.

One day, I had gotten off work early.

When I got home I thought I heard someone in my room.  I assumed my boyfriend was taking a nap in my bed, he often did.  When I opened my bedroom door, my boyfriend was standing in my room.  He was surrounded by lingerie and was dressed in stockings, red silky panties, and a lacy camisole.  I was speechless, he stood frozen.  I wasn’t angry, I was just so surprised.  He started apologizing, once his shock wore off.  We sat down on the bed, I told him that while it was a surprise, it was not a deal breaker.

He said that he liked to dress up a few times a week, while I was at work.  While we sat there, I was looking at him in my panties, his cock looked so big and was still a bit hard.  I decided to make this new discovery beneficial for us both.

I started rubbing his cock through my panties, they were tight on him and the bulge was growing.

He liked that I was turned on, I started rubbing his stockings, they were so silky and smooth.  I pushed him down on the bed.  I wanted to ravage him, we started kissing and grinding our bodies together.  Our panties were sliding against each other, his cock slipped out of the panties and slipped into my pussy. I was running my hands up and down his thighs as I rode him.  We both came so quickly.  After, we laid in bed just touching each other.  From then on we started buying lingerie for each other and really enjoying our now mutual panty fetish.

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