Panty Play, The Neighbor boy, was Playing with My Panties!

Panty play, the neighbor boy, was playing with my panties! I have this terrible habit of leaving my bedroom window unlocked. There is a tree that is easy enough to climb, and that is how the neighbor kid gets into my bedroom.

At first, I would leave my windows open because I knew he was watching me undress every night. His dad, too, for that matter, would delay taking the trash out a long time to watch me. I enjoyed teasing them, but one day, I came home to find the boy standing in my bedroom stroking his cock with panties!

It was really hot watching him I just couldn’t freak out and embarrass him.  As I stood in the doorway watching his huge hard cock soaking my panties, I could not help myself. I walked in, and he jerked away as if to hide. “OH no, Miss Simone,” he stammered! Shhh, it is okay, I purred as I sat down on the bed and patted the spot next to me. “Sit with me,” I coaxed him over.

You know if you wanted a pair of my panties, all you had to do was ask. I don’t appreciate you coming into my home without an invitation. He again started to stammer out how embarrassed he was. I noticed his dick still wrapped in my panties, and his hand was growing softer. He actually looked as if he were about to cry.

Submissive boy!

Are you going to tell my parents, Miss Simone? He was so worried. “No, I don’t think there is any we need to say to them. However, I do believe you need a hand getting that gorgeous cock hard again. So why don’t you let me help you out, and in return for being my little fuck toy, I won’t rat you out, deal? I knew he would agree, and I also knew how much fun I was going to have with this little submissive boy!

I began stroking his cock using the red pair of panties. He loved the feel of the silk sliding against him. When he was big and hard once again, I made him stand, and I pulled those panties on him. At first, he tried to refuse, but I would not hear his refusal. I simply reminded him he was mine to do with whatever I wanted. “Joe, sweety, you are mine, and If I want you wearing my panties, then you will wear them, understand? So he stood still, and I pulled them up, covering his balls, dick, and ass.

He looked so amazing standing there fully submissive to me. I stroked him through the fabric with my nails running up and down the shaft. Squeezing his balls with the silk, I knew he was going to explode. So I leaned down and kissed his dick through the panties.

It is driving me mad!

Finally, I pulled his cock out, leaving his balls inside and started to suck him, bringing him to the point of orgasmic pleasure. He surprised me that little submissive sissy boy. He yanked my panties down and spreading my legs, plunged his dick deep inside my pussy. I thought he would explode instantly, but he didn’t after two thrusts he pulled out and stroked up and down my pussy lips and clit, driving me mad.

I knew you wanted to be fucked, didn’t you, Miss Simone? He growled. With that, he thrust hard and deep again and cum explosively deep inside me! He collapsed on top of me, and we lay there his dick growing softer inside me and my red panties being drenched in our cum!

We spent hours fucking. So for his second fuck, I got up on all fours, and he took my ass! His dick was amazing. The best young fuck boy toy I have ever had! So if you are ever in the mood for some MILF phone sex or just some naughty Mommy phone sex well just anything phone sex, then please give me a call and let’s get freaky. If you want to play with my panties, then I will be happy to sell you some! I know Joe loves my yummy panties!

For Joe and all the other boys out there who love a sexy MILF and her panties!