Slutty Brat hired for your desire, my journey revealed!

It is my pleasure to be your slutty brat. In fact, you can label me anything you desire because that is part of the amazing experience you can have with someone like me. The chance to have everything you need after just a few minutes. Who does not like to have their fantasies roleplayed, really? Why am I able to offer this service, you ask? I have the fucking experience that is why. I am, was and always will be made for all things kink! How did I get that way? Mostly, my own horny sexaholic self got me here.

Porn star, whore, slutty brat all are just labels.

How many men do you have to fuck on camera to carry the label, Porn Star? How many men do you have to fuck to be labeled a whore? Well, I suppose that is more opinion than factual. Am I a porn star, a whore, a slutty brat? These are the questions I get asked often. Yes, I am!

I have fucked more than a few men on camera. In fact, I have fucked more men than I would like to admit. Absolutely, I agree that I am a slutty brat because I love to tease torture and manipulate men for sex and money. So, yes I am!

Of course, as a child, I did not say. I want to grow up to be a slutty brat. That is not anything anyone aspires too. However, we all have talents and mine just happened to be in pleasing men. It did not happen overnight in fact, it was my husband that started me on the path to being a whore.

I was young and innocent when I married and he was cruel and brutally was. It was not long before he realized the gold mine he had in me. He owed some bad men some big money and when they come to collect he paid them. He paid with me. Soon as I walked into the man’s office I could see the desire hit his eyes. I knew if I wished to survive I would please him any way I could. Good thing I was a slutty brat!

I have always been a sexual person.

Emotionally I checked out but physically I did everything expected and responded well. I have always been a sexual person. Truthfully, I was made for it. Most guys just wanted a quick lay. Some of them wanted to keep me around to play with for a while before sending me back to my dear husband.

Of course, I tried to escape but it took three years before I finally made it out. Unfortunately, I jumped from the frying pan into the fire. The next man to “rescue” me was even worse. He did not pimp me out but instead used me as a demonstration for his domination group. I learned a lot during this time but mostly I learned what I did not like.

I was able to leave him after one year together. Not before I discovered I was a natural switch. Easily jumping from sub to dom depending on my partner.

Perfect titties and sweet pussy

Saying all of this it may appear like I am a victim but I don’t choose to look at it that way. No, I prefer to look at the hard facts. I am a bratty slut. Certainly, I would have used my body to get my way with men even if they had not used me first. Obviously, I know my perfect pouty titties and sweet pink pussy is all I need to have anything I want.

So it is true that I have been there done that but that only makes me a better phone sex operator for your pleasure today! Don’t be afraid to call because I really do want you to have a dick in hand and be on your naughtiest behavior. I am the naughty whore you need. The cum guzzling slut you crave. I am the filthy Mommy that knows just how to pleasure you. Check out my bio at phone sex kingdom. You will enjoy everything you learn about me, especially the naughty pictures you will see there.