I was running late for class this morning.  I didn’t have any clean underwear so, I was like fuck it.  No one will notice. Well, I was so rushed for class, that I had not realized I was wearing my white see through yoga pants. In fact I had not noticed until after class when Mr. Jacobs called me to his desk.

He told me that what I was wearing was inappropriate for class and made me change into my gym shorts. Which again was pointless because they were so loose and short you could see right up to my snatch anyways.  My next class was with Mr. Dickson, he too called me up to his desk at the end of class and sent me to detention for again no panties.

I am sitting there facing this wall for like an hour, and finally both of the teachers come in the room.  I was like ok great a lecture, then I can leave.  No, I was wrong. All I got out of them was Mr. Jacobs telling me that they are just going show littles girls what happens when they act like little sluts.

Of course I tried to fight it off, but those two strong men with their muscular tone. I had no fighting chance.  My two teachers were going to tag team me in detention.  It didn’t take long for them strip me down, forcing my mouth on ones cock and shoving the other in my pussy.  I had taken a brutal beating already from the first dick.  My snatch was very sore.  And then to have him pull out and swap with my other teacher.   Taking yet another dick in my badly tore up pussy as I was being forced to suck on an exploding dick.  He filled my mouth with his cum.   He came so much and so hard it shot out my nose.  Then I felt the most excruciating paine ever as the unfinished cock jammed its face into my tight little ass.  I squealed very loudly as he ripped away at me.  He covered my whole face with his giant hand, suffocating me.  Then with a loud grunt and the hardest thrust he shoved his dick so deep in my ass, I swore I felt it in my belly.  He yelled out that he was cumming in my little skank hole.

I was kindly reminded that every time I was to act like a foolish slut in front of the whole school that this would be my punishment.

Needless to say, I waited a few days to heal my wounds…..Then showed up at school in a short mini dress, no panties, and a bald pussy!


~Kinky Co-Ed Miss. Caden~