My cousins had been invited to an out of town wedding for the weekend and had no one to look after their young teen son, Joey. Of course he said he was old enough to stay home alone, but they weren’t about to leave him alone for the weekend, so I volunteered to have him come stay with me while they were out of town, it was only for 2 nights, how much trouble could he be? I ordered us a pizza and we watched a couple of movies on t.v. and then he said he was going to go to bed, so I stayed downstairs. I thought it was a bit early for him to go to bed, but thought he must just be tired.

A couple of hours later I went to bed myself and saw my door was nearly closed and the light on. What was that little shit doing in my room? I pushed open the door and gasped when I saw what he was up to. He was wearing a new pair of my panties that had been on the end of my bed and walking around with a hard on. “What the fuck…?”His jaw dropped when he saw me standing there. I asked him what he thought he was doing and he stammered, “nothing”. I said if you wanted to get dressed up, by all means tell me, humiliating him there in front of me. He started to blush and walk out the door and I said, “Oh no you don’t, you little masturbator!”


“You want to dress up like a little fag, by all means, let me help you!”

With that I reached over to my dressing table and got a red lipstick and smeared it on his lips and got a pair of heels out of the closet and told him to step into them and walk around, I also placed a string of beads on him as well. His little boner was making those panties form a little tent he was so aroused. He was sashaying around the room in the heels, panties and lipstick, beads swaying back and forth looking at himself in my full length mirror I have on the back of the bedroom door, when he shot his load into the panties, making a large wet spot on the front of them. He seemed embarrassed all of a sudden and started to cry as I laughed at him and said his new name was “Josie”.

“Go to bed, you little queer!”, I yelled at him as he ran into the guest room and slammed the door while I continued to laugh at him. He didn’t mention the incident at all the next day and pretty much just amused himself on the computer and watching t.v. When his parents came to pick him up 2 days later I heard them ask him if he’d had a good time, and heard him say I was the best cousin the whole world and he couldn’t wait to come over again and visit with his favorite cousin.

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