Whats Under My Panties, Daddy?

My daddy used to hate it when I would walk around the house in my panties.  Not because he thought it was inappropriate for a young girl, but because it made him so fucking hard!   He had a particular fondness for white cotton panties, so I would go out of my way to make sure I wore them around him.  Making my daddy squirm was, and still is, my favorite thing to do!

When I was about twelve is when it really started to bother him.  My boobs were growing and pubs were starting to grow too.  I was turning into a woman, something daddy couldn’t handle.  My juicy, round, bubble butt filled out my bikini panties so well, he would look away and run to his room all while yelling at me to get changed.

One day I decided to do some snooping to find out why he would run away.

 I opened my parents bedroom to find him with his pants around his ankles, jerking his cock for all its life.  I couldn’t help but giggle.  He looked shocked, but at the same time angry.  He ordered me to come in and look at what I had done to him.

My eyes grew wide.  I couldn’t believe, even though I knew I was teasing him, that he would make me watch him jerk off.  Also couldn’t believe his cock was so big!  I had never seen a dick so big before and I couldn’t look away.  Daddy squeezed his huge cock until he shot cum at my feet. I sat on the bed in front of him and sucked me cum cover toes clean.

That was just the first time.  Things got much more serious after we broke the ice.

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