If You Don’t Obey, There Are Consequences: Crazy Sex Stories

If You Don’t Obey, There Are Consequences: Crazy Sex Stories. I knocked timidly at the door. Then, I can hear the heavy panting, the strong voice talking into the phone and I know she is working. “I’ll bet it’s Greg, he always says he has a monster cock”, I think to myself. Then, I hear her squeal loudly and a deep male voice comes through the door! “WTF?”, I think to myself once again.

Then, I hear her tell me, “You, get the fuck in here!” Next, I quickly shed my clothing, leaving only a silver piece of duct tape holding my tiny penis. Well first, I dropped off the groceries I had been ordered to get, then I shed my clothing. Two dozen Magnum XXL condoms, 2 Summers Eve douche kits, a tin of Altoids and a bag of marbles. I placed them on the nightstand like a good boy, as directed. “You disappeared without a trace for 4 months, no email even, and you exaggerated the size of your micropenis! You’re going to regret that!”, she said angrily.

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“How are you going to make up for that fuckery?” Veronica asked me. “I will do anything you demand!”, I replied. Veronica ordered me to lie on the bed and to casually stuff my mouth with 6 sperm-filled condoms. “I want them empty, bitch!”, She said as she tied me to the bedpost. Veronica’s boy toy sits on my chest and begins to slap my face, with his semi-erect and massive cock. Meanwhile, I heard a buzzing sound and Veronica then ripped the duct tape off my little pee pee and sac.

“I ask but one thing of my caller’s muffin, a selfie with my name on it and you know this! Did you do that before you went away? No, you fucking didn’t!”, Veronica exclaims forcefully. “For that, you’re going to be punished!”, she said. Just then, Veronica’s man prods at my mouth with his big fat cock. Finally, he releases those full balls into my mouth. I eagerly opened my slutty mouth and begin to suck his helmet clean. I looked over at Veronica and she seemed rather pleased, or was she?

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Just then Veronica placed me in a humbler and I quickly lost sensation. She demanded me to suck it up and deal with the pain and of course I did as I was told. As best I could anyway, before passing out. I’ve never been in a humbler before and hope to never again. It didn’t take long for me to pass out and after about 3 hours I awaken, my face crusted with cum. At that point, I found myself untied and the boy toy was gone. Veronica turned, looked at me and smile sweetly and said, “Feel free to disappear again, but do so without warning and, or my selfie and you will regret it even more!”

“Oh and by the way, go look in the mirror!”, she said happily. I stood up, walked over to the mirror and begin to cry. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK? My baby penis now has “VERONICA” tattooed on it. Great, she made a permanent reminder of why I should never fuck up again. I then turned around and looked at my ass, which read “PHONESEXKINGDOM.COM” on my left cheek and my number on my right cheek. How cute, any time I am naked from this point on, I will be giving her free marketing.

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Here is my advice to you Mr. Reader, if you don’t want Veronica to claim you, run away and stay away. If on the other hand, you do, then she will own you and you will obey. Mostly you’ll love every single minute of being her bitch and the rough sex she’ll give you!

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