Dirty Doctor chase loves to make her patients all better

Dirty Doctor Chase paging Dirty Doctor Chase You have an emergency in room 302. I walk into 302 and ask my patient what seems to be the problem he tells me that his cock has been hard for hours and he needs help to release.

Take out my stethoscope and blow on it to warm it up and I place it down on his rock hard cock. Then I look up at him and tell him he needs to undress and put on a paper gown. I walk over to the chair and I sit and spread my legs slightly. Push up my pencil skirt I forgot my panties this morning I reach down and I start to rub my pretty tight pink pussy as I watch him undress the more he removes the faster I play with my little box mmm I love being such a Dirty Doctor.

Start to feel myself getting wetter and wetter and I can’t take much more I start to finger fuck that wet little cunt mmmm I explode all over the chair squirting my creamy milky juices everywhere I stand up and I walk over to him.

I have just the perfect cure for that aching bulge. Tell him as he is laid out on my table.

I see his cock bulging from under his paper gown. Then I start to rip apart the paper and his cock is massive. I waste no time and I take in my mouth. Begin to suck it gently nibbling the head at first. Then I take my tongue and slide it down his shaft. He starts to moan mmmm he’s enjoying this! I take the head back into my mouth and I start to lower my mouth down his cock all the way to the back of my throat and I thrust my head up and down faster and faster until I feel him explode into my mouth mmmm so yummy I tell him this Dirty Doctor knows what she’s doing!

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