Treat yourself to an outdoor girlfriend experience with me. 

Not every outdoor girlfriend experience needs to be about sex. For me, I find any girlfriend experience, outdoor or no, is about the intimacy and shared connection between people.

Today, there’s no need for sensual domination GFE.  You and I are just enjoying each other’s company. For our outdoor girlfriend experience, I have planned for us a forest picnic to go on. Luckily, in Alaska, summers are cool and crisp!

There’s a place near my house covered in white birch trees. Of course, it’s on a mountain, but roads mean less hiking and more driving. The park has a few trails, some deeper than others, and many places to eat.

As we walk to one of those places, I carry the basket with me. You carry the water cooler, ok? As we walk down the trail, my shoulders bump into yours. My free hand finds yours, and I wrap my warm fingers around yours. We continue down the path. “Be careful,” I tell you. “Too far off the path and you’re on permafrost, where it’s soft and hard to get a good step.” I point out the moss and the grass that marks the permafrost. 

But luckily, this park also has solid ground, so we find ourselves in a clearing in the forest– a designated picnic spot, one on a cliff that overlooks the forest below. You mention about being glad the mountain climb was in your rented SUV, and I laugh, opening the basket and pulling out the blanket. 

Our Intimate Picnic

I made cold meat sandwiches and cut veggies with peanut butter. Once I unwrap them, I feed you pieces of a sandwich with my fingers. When you jokingly chomp on my fingertips, I break into laughter. After that, we take turns feeding each other. The entire time we eat, we also smile and discuss your trip up to Alaska. Occasionally, we talk over what our plans for the evening are, after this outdoor girlfriend experience. A nice, day-long date, we call it. 

Once the food is gone, I rest my head on your shoulder. As we look over the cliff, I point out different spots in my town to you. Slowly, you learn the location of the post office with so many packages that build-up, or the landing strip for smaller bush planes that land on water. If we go a little higher on the trail, I explain, we can see the glacier– it’s been melting, so we can no longer see it from this spot. 

Neither of us wants to move right now, though.

As the wind picks up, my hair flutters in my face. Your fingers move my locks of hair out of the way, and I smile. “I’m glad you made it,” I say. “Thanks for sharing this with me.” 

Words seem lacking for the moment. Instead, you tilt your head forward, and our lips meet in a kiss. We press together gently, and then a little more openly, tasting lunch on each other’s tongue. 

The sunlight pours through the trees, and the wind moves around us. For a moment, we’re as immovable as the mountain itself, two lovers locked in embrace deep in the forest. 

As we pack up, we hear in every movement and footstep the same words: I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m glad




For me, intimacy is the difference between any outdoor girlfriend experience and outdoor sex. Sometimes, intimacy is what we crave. So, if you crave intimacy for yourself, give me a call! As always, this phone sex operator is standing by for you! 

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