Ahh, what lovely fall air, the breeze rustling through the leaves and making that beautiful noise. The colors are changing from greens to vibrant orange, red, and brown. It’s the perfect day for James and me to go on a hike together. It had been a couple of weeks, and last we went, there seemed to be something on his mind. So, when we got back home, I inquired about what had him so deep in thought. He was hesitant at first, but he was more willing to chat after a hot blowjob to cheer him up. James told me that he wanted to try outdoor foot play with me on our nature walk.

Who could’ve guessed that he had not only a public play kink but also a foot fetish too? We’ve been dating for around two years now, and he’s never told me! Though I am proud of him for opening up and fuck, his desires made me crave another excursion. It was hard to go out for another nature walk with time getting away from us, but today is the day. With a beautiful breeze, sunny skies, and my raging hormones, there was no way to pass this day up!

He’s nervous about his first outdoor foot play experience.

Quickly, we arrive at the beginning of our favorite path. We know that few people take this trail, but every so often, there are fellow travelers. Our hike begins, and I keep a bit in front of him, wearing some shorts, colorful sneakers, and a t-shirt with no bra.  Normally I wear a bit more, but I wanted to tease him and keep his cock nice and hard for our adventure. Having a public foot fetish may keep him excited, but I want to ensure that horniness.

When we get about halfway through our hike, I need to take a break. I find a fallen log a short way off the trail and head to sit on it. When I do, I take a drink of my water but “accidentally” spill some on my white T-shirt. The cold air and water make my nipples incredibly hard. James sees this and bites his lip. I can see the bulge in his pants twitch as he looks down at my crossed legs. I bounce my foot up and down, teasing him. “Why don’t you come over and take my shoes off, massage my feet,” I say, licking my lips at him.

He looks like an excited puppy, rushing over to play with me.

Dropping to his knees immediately in front of me, he kisses my ankles and removes my shoes and socks. My slender foot comes up to his face as I wiggle my toes. Soon, a couple hikes by within earshot. I push my big toe in his mouth and moan loud as he sucks on it while massaging the other, causing the couple to glance our way. The woman blushes, and the man snickers, but this only makes James more excited. He starts going to town licking my feet, suckling my toes, and letting me fuck his mouth. I love our public foot fetish fun. It makes me want to have some hot outdoor sex with him.

So, I wiggle my tiny shorts off, and he sees I’m not wearing any panties. I pull my legs up on the log and spread them nice and wide. It doesn’t take him too long to kiss up my legs and find my sweet pussy. Licking on it and making me moan as I grind my hips in his face and feel his hands massage my feet. The mix of sensual pleasure and his desire for me has me incredibly aroused. Before I know it, he has his hands on my hips, and his cock plunged deep in me. A crowd watches from the trail as he pounds me harder and harder, enjoying the result of the outdoor foot play of his dreams.

Call me for some fetish-loving phone sex if you want to continue our outdoor fun!

Mia Kinky Crew