Ahh, it’s that time of year, and Autumn is in the air! That wonderful cool breeze, the smell of pies cooking, and the beautiful change of colors in the trees. Of course, with the change in colors also comes the fall of those very leaves. Our neighbor has some gorgeous trees in his backyard. He’s one particularly grumpy old man, and he likes things to be his way or no way. It’s honestly kind of annoying and he and my boyfriend argue constantly. Today, Jake and I were in a frisky mood and wanting some hot outdoor sex. However, we were not sure how to make it happen. Then, George started raking his leaves into that perfectly fun pile, and we knew exactly what we had to do!

After George was done, and we saw him take off in his car, and we knew it was our perfect chance! He looked at me and grabbed me by my hair. That passion between us was instantaneous! His lips met mine, and our tongues met. It felt like we would never stop, and fuck I didn’t want to. Though, we definitely wanted to continue for some passionate hot sex. He wanted to scope out the neighbor’s place and make sure no one else was around to catch us. He hopped over the fence and started looking.

Let’s really spice this hot outdoor sex up with some fun toys!

While Jake was doing all the important work, I quickly ran upstairs. I had to make sure I was looking hot as fuck for my man. Quickly, I dolled up my makeup, brushed out my hair, and threw on a quick sexy outfit and some new panties. Of course, I spritzed myself with perfume, and I knew he’d be all over me! Sexy public play is one of my favorite kinks, I really can’t get enough. So, I rush out of the bathroom and to our toy drawer. I pull out my anal plug and grab my cat-tail. Lubing it all up, I get on the bed and reach behind myself. Then, I slide a finger in my ass opening it up, before I push in that plug. After, I put on my ears, and I’m looking completely hot as fuck!

I put on my collar, and attach my leash, completing the ensemble. The only other thing left to grab is my bullet, and the remote control, he so loves to torture me with.  After, I make my way down the stairs and hop over the fence myself. I see Jake standing there, and I can’t help myself, I run at him and jump on him. Startled he turns around and pushes me off, but when he sees me, the bulge in his pants grows instantly. Sexy public play gets him riled up like crazy too. I’m on my hands and knees in the grass, tail in my ass, and looking sexy.

Come and get me, if you can!

I wink at him and try to take off, playing around with him in the backyard. Every so often he catches me and pins me down. Taking off a piece of his clothing and mine. This continues until we are both completely naked and panting hard. When I’m all weak and can barely fight, he notices the remote in my hand, and the bullet in the one piece of clothing remaining, those little panties. He picks me up, and throws me over his shoulder, taking me to that pile of leaves. I beg him and punch at his back, but to no avail. Before I know it, he tosses me in ruining the pile and covering me in them.

I’m completely blinded by them, but a rush of pleasure comes over me as the bullet is put on full blast. In a matter of seconds, he’s on top of me, and he’s pushed my panties to the side. He flips me over, crunching my face into the pile below me, in our hot outdoor sex scene. My tail is lifted and tugged on, giving my ass a nice sensation, before he shoves his cock into my tight wet pussy.

Call me for some Public Roleplay Phone Sex!

Mia Kinky Crew