My husband, Alejandro, is a busy man, traveling for business all the time. He is a good man and also open-minded, understanding that I need sex regularly. Because he is on the road all the time, he is okay with some cuckold fun using Facetime. He is definitely into me getting naughty with other men. Of course, he isn’t into Orgasm Denial Cuckold.

Too bad for him, I am curious about trying it. We are going to do a session tomorrow night with a sexy black guy I met at the gym. I am all about fucking some sexy BBC during our cuckold play. His name is Jake and he is gorgeous. Tall, dark and handsome, and packing a huge cock for our fun.

Neither he or my husband is aware of my plans for Orgasm Denial Cuckold.

Today is the day and I am bouncing with excitement. As the day is flying along, my husband and I are chatting via the phone. He is also excited to see me with Jake on a live camera call. Who can blame him? Jake is sexy and hung like a horse. His cock is going to be stretching my pussy out as my husband is in another state jerking off to our fun.

My husband is using the biggest screen possible for tonight’s fun. I am ready for our fun and ready to play with Jake’s cock. Jake shows up with a bottle of wine and looks incredible. He and I sit chatting on the sofa for a bit until my husband is ready to call. As we are waiting we are getting to know one another. These sessions are great to share with my callers during Erotic Humiliation Phone Sex.

My husband is the unwilling victim tonight, but it is usually my callers.

As Jake and I are talking, he is exploring my body with his hand. Not too pushy, just a soft touch wandering around my skin. It is amazing and my pussy is getting wet. When my husband is finally calling I jump when the phone starts ringing. We say our hellos and I do the introduction between the guys.

Alejandro is fully aware I enjoy games and teasing him. He loves my Naughty Erotic Edging, begging me for it when he is at home. He is my biggest fan and is willing to do anything I ask. Of course, it is fun he is asking me for the edging fun I love. Together we are an amazing team. Thank goodness, he is okay with me torturing him now and then.

As the call is starting, Jake and I are making out for my husband.


He is enjoying the scene as he is getting undressed. Jake is slowly taking off my clothes at the same time. Once I am fully undressed, he has me lay back, going straight to eating warm, wet pussy. Oh, his tongue is exquisite as he is working my clit. I am watching my husband and we are locking eyes through the phone. Jake is massaging my entire body, causing me to moan and writhe about.

My husband is on the other end of the call, moaning as well. He is very happy with Jake and asks if he is ready to strip down. Jake smiles and says, “You are as excited to see this huge cock as you are your wife.” Alejandro is nodding and agrees as Jake is disrobing. His body is like the body of a God, chiseled and firm. Of course, my husband is clueless of the Orgasm Denial Cuckold twist I am about to give him.

My hands are quickly roaming all over him.

Jake and I are in a heated embrace as he is fingering my tight pussy. He is moaning into my neck, saying he is ready to be inside me. Alejandro is also saying he is ready to see him penetrating me. He bends me over the arm of a chair, caressing and kissing my firm sexy ass cheeks. Alejandro is rock hard and ready to bust as we are getting closer to the orgasm denial cuckold fun.

This is the most involved in a call Alejandro has ever been, making my next step even better. As Jake is pounding away at me, I tell Alejandro to drop his hand from his cock. He is staring at me through the phone, without saying a word. I explain I am switching the game to orgasm denial cuckold tonight. Jake is staring in shock as he is unable to stop his load cumming deep inside me.

I know you want to know how Alejandro reacted and if he behaved like a good boy. Therefore, you need to do is call me now and I will give you all the details.

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