Oral sex stories that’ll make you ‘hungry’ for more.

Oral sex stories– Mmm mind if I chew your ear?

“You’re so tiny, baby.  So….bite size,” my voice booms.

You were surprised, I bet, to see me on your doorstep.  I was huge.  As tall as your house.  And I was hungry.  You tried to run but, when you’re as small as you are, you can’t exactly escape a giantess’s reach.  Grabbing you by the back of your shirt was easy.

Then came the fun part–dangling you over my mouth.

You squirmed so hard as you looked down at my gaping mouth, tongue, and uvula.  Then you started slipping.  Plop.  You land on my wet tongue and start to slide down.  Grasping does you no good.  There’s nothing to grip.  My tongue rises and flicks you to the back of my throat before my mouth closes and everything goes dark.

My throat muscles squeeze you downwards, pulling you inevitably into my stomach.  You’ve got nowhere to go as the acid breaks you down within my gut.  From the outside, I rub my distended belly satisfactorily as it gurgles.


From the inside, you hear me belch over and over again from the gasses you’re making my body create. It won’t be long before you move on to the next stage.  You twist and turn in my intestines, being slowly picked at by my body.  The bulge in my stomach now moves lower down my belly until it’s at its lowest point.

“Time to go.”

I figure your former house is good as any place to take a dump.  Time to get ride of the waste.  You feel yourself hit the ground with a thud, completely changed.  Though I’ve evacuated my bowels, my tummy is still sticking out as if still full.  It’s still gurgling loudly, too. You were one satisfying meal.

Oral sex stories can take on so many angles and include so many kinks.  What’s yours?  Phone sex doesn’t have to be vanilla.  Call me up and let’s get wild!