Giant Crystal Gets a Little Revenge

I’m a giant, err giantess, now!  How did this happen?  How is it possible?!  It doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that I am the size of an office building and my big, buxom body is coming for you.  Being my former boss, you naturally make a run for it.  After all, you weren’t exactly all that nice to me when I was your secretary.  You made me stay late with no overtime and you yelled at me constantly for things that weren’t my fault.  Well, it looks like things are a little different now.  I’m calling the shots now, little man, and I’ve got a bone to pick with you.

You should have taken cover instead of just running straight ahead, shorty.  Come on.  Where’s the challenge?  It was so easy to pin you with my barefoot.  How’s the view from down there?  You must be getting quite the view of my giant pussy.  Or are you too busy fearing for your life?  I could feel you wiggling and grabbing at my toes as you struggled for your freedom.  I laughed.  Not only was it hilarious watching your puny male body hopelessly flail around.  It tickled, too!  I couldn’t have watched you all day.

 But I had some revenge to dish out.

You were so small, I could pick you up with one hand.  You were like a baby doll.  And you know what happens to baby dolls during playtime.  They are completely stripped.  There was a distinct ripping sound when your pants came off and I saw your cock for the first time.  I press my index finger against it and remember all of those times you gawked at my ass and tits in the office.  You were so shameless as you stared down my blouse probably trying to guess how big they were.  34 F, by the way.  Well, at least they used to be.  What size bra would I need when each tit is the size of a bouncy castle?  You’re so small.  You’re practically bite-sized.  Actually, that’d be a pretty interesting way to end you, wouldn’t it?  Swallowing you whole.

I wonder what it would feel like having you inside my belly.

As I contemplate the idea, I bring you to my thick lips and slide you halfway into my mouth.  My tongue runs over your bottom half.  Mmm, not bad.  As I think about whether I should spit or swallow, I suck on you as if you were a lollipop.  I swirl my tongue all around you as my mind weighs my options.  That is until I find out the hard way that this lollipop has a creamy center.  You just made my decision easy for me, buddy.

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