Oral Sex Stories: The Pop Rock Hummer From Heaven.

Oral Sex Stories-I have lots of them! I love giving long, intense, wet blowjobs. Nothing is better than making a cock rock hard with my mad mouth skills. On the flipside – you better be good at reciprocating! I need a man (or woman for that matter) who wants pussy so bad – and will go down on me passionately and intensely.

My ex-boyfriend was really good with his mouth. It was a shame when I had to dump that guy. I tried not to remember how his mouth felt exploring my pussy, as I took him out for a drink to tell him we were finished. We really didn’t have much in common except for hot, steamy sex and I was getting pretty damn bored.

I told him it was over. He was upset but he told me he would win me back. No one will make me cum as he did. I smiled and said maybe not. He begged me for one last thing before we said goodbye. I sighed and said ok.  He pulled out a little bag of Pop Rocks candy. He said he always wanted me to give him a Pop Rock Hummer. I got pretty curious… and turned on.

He asked me to go down on him one more time…

But this time while I have pop rocks in my mouth. I HAD to find out about this Pop Rock Hummer. We went into a stall in the woman’s bathroom. I put the candy in my mouth while he pulled down his pants and exposed that beautiful cock that I loved to make hard.

I wrapped my mouth around it with the candy bursting in my mouth. His cock twitched and grew and he moaned with excitement. He moved his dick in and out of my mouth while the candy crackled and popped.  I loved the taste of the strawberry popping candy in my mouth with the feeling of a hard cock. When his cum dribbled out of my mouth, it was a rainbow of milky cum!

“Next time, you are doing that to me,” I said as we cleaned up. He smiled. Yeah, I guess I do need him to stick around for a while.


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