Vampire fantasies are my favorite roleplay

Vampire fantasies have got to be my favorite roleplay around. I thought that it would be spanking, or anal, or student and teacher, or even a stepdaughter. But as it turns out, I really do love vampire roleplay. A lot of men ask me”How do we do that kind of roleplay?” I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to tell you why and how it can be played out a little.

I’ve always loved vampires and all things supernatural, of course. Ever since I was a little girl and watched Interview with the Vampire. I have had this lust for Vampire life. Love so many vampire movies and books and songs… I even role play as a vampire in Amtgard, which is LARPing (aka live action roleplay). I love to feel as if I am a vampire including when I fuck.

Imagine yourself in a dark alley just walking along for your nightly stroll in the park and you feel as if someone is watching you that night. As you reach the park the feeling becomes more intense and you cautiously put your headphones on and start listening to your music. You see that someone is sitting on a bench about 50 feet away, watching you as you walk. You come closer and you see that there’s just luscious blonde smiling at you. She stands up and walks over to you and you can’t help but feel scared… But, she looks into your eyes and you suddenly feel a sense of complete calm.

I tell you my name and begin touching your neck, lightly, slowly with my fingernails.

Your cock becomes incredibly hard and you don’t understand why. I smile and my teeth pop out and you see my fangs. And you can feel some sort of panic inside of you but you can’t do anything about it because your feet seem to be stuck in the same place. I grab onto your hard cock and whisper into your ear “You are mine now.”

And then… I cock your head to the side and sink my teeth right into your neck. Next thing you know you wake up in a bed with me on top of you. Bouncing.. bouncing up and down on your very hard dick. You’ve never fucked a vampire before but you certainly are happy that you are doing it now.


Let’s start our own vampire roleplay… call me! I can give the best vampire blowjob. 😉
For more of my steamy sex stories, stay tuned!

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